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June 16, 2002

"Ciad Mile Failte"

Cushnie.org was created as a gift to George and Claire Cushnie from their son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren for the purpose of sharing their love with family and friends.

Most families have a desire to stay together, but even hundreds of years ago, it was impossible to remain completely united. Driven by an assortment of needs and inspirations, members of our family left Scotland during the 1800's to embark on new adventures and to settle in various parts of the world, among them England, mainland U.S.A, Hawaii, Jamaica, and Canada. Due to the many miles and borders that separate us, most of us have become strangers to one another. This web site was created to reverse the process and reunite family members.

This effort was inspired by our participation in a Cushnie Family Pilgrimage that took place in Jamaica during the summer of 2001 (see Pictures). Molly Cushnie Shaw, Joy Cushnie Stevens and Jo Gaither organized that successful reunion. The motto "One Family, One Love", found on the home page was adopted from the song One Love/People Get Ready by the famous Jamaican artist Bob Marley.

Ciad Mile Failte, is a Celtic greeting meaning one hundred thousand welcomes that we learned several years ago when traveling to Nova Scotia. It is displayed there on door mats and signs hung outside many homes (and presumably in Scotland) and it is a tradition that we adopted at our home in Virginia.

If you have an interest in the Cushnie surname, please visit here often and participate by contributing your research, knowledge, recollections, and thoughts.

God Bless,

George, Leslie, Nathan, Emily and Christen Cushnie