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01/02/13 STEPHANIE O'DANIEL (Stefaniodaniel@aol.com)
Comments: Happy New Year family. Richard (Rick) O'Daniel, my husband's brother died New Year's eve

12/26/12 donna cushnie (cushnie958@btinternet.com)

11/28/12 Robert Rennalls (bobrennalls@aol.com)
Comments: I am trying to trace my late grandmothers roots. She died in Sept 1915. SHEWAS ROSE EMMA dAVIDSON

11/12/12 Wilfred Alexander Cushnie (wilf.cushnie@shaw.ca)
Comments: Just a little note to all you Cushnies out there and to all you "friends of Cushnies" too. I am still alive and well and living in West Vancouver Canada. You can send me a cheque anytime you wish and I primise to cash it just as quick as I can .... Thank you ..!! The bigger the better. As for the rest ... Well, I have re-married after the death of my wife Paola (Coacci) Cushnie on February 26, 1996 and now to Charlotte Taylor - adopted to Jack Secord of Oakville/Ancaster Ontario. Charlotte and I were married about 5 years ago.... While she has no children I have Richard Beaumont Alexander my son and now his two daughters Rowan and Marlow ... and no boys yet .... and I have a daughter Elizabeth Leticia who is now married to Mark Forsythe of Mission, British Columbia. They have no children yet and likely may not have as Mark has some children from a previous marriage .... I am now in my 62nd year ... born May 2, 1950 and contemplating retirement ... thus the desire to obtain as many cheques as possible from friends, relatives and just about anyone who has a bit of spare cash.... I will not hold my breath in waiting ...mmm My father Alexander and my mother still live in Brantford Ontario as does my sister Mary Margaret (Mansour). She has apparently written another book to add to other stuff she does ... and she is always busy ... so you may find her publications by searching Mary Mansour Cushnie next time you hit the bookstore. Charlotte, my wife was adopted by the Secord family in Oakville/Burlington Ontario. Her original name was Taylor but she and her two sisters have not been able to get their family background...a bit secret when you are adopted .... Jack Secord is a direct ancestor of "Laura Secord" who saved the British and Canadian forces at Stoney Creed in the battle of 1812 or thereabouts. She is somewhat famous and well known in Canadian history. Charlotte and her two sisters ... Penny and Susan would like to find out who their real Taylor relatives were but it seems to be way too hard somehow and those relatives would be in Ontario likely and not way out here in British Columbia so it is hard to do the research from way out here .... Anyway, Happy Christmas and new 2012/2013 year to everyone .... Best Regards .... Wilfred A. Cushnie, 1605 - 2020 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver, B. C. Canada, V7V1B8

11/04/12 Josh Cushdie (Thecushionator@gmail.com)
Comments: Hope y'all staying safe in this storm! :)

10/02/12 jccushnie (jccushnie@yahoo.com)

07/30/12 Donna Laing (dlana63@yahoo.com)
Comments: Janet, trying to make contact

07/28/12 Marco Cushnie (marco606setlab@gmail.com)
Comments: Hello everyone, My brother Kimani and I are two new members of the Cushnie family, from the lineage of Marcia Cushnie and my Great Grandfather Mr. Leon Cushnie, Looking forward to meet some of you...

07/14/12 G Richardson (gcsrichardson@gmail.com)
Comments: Hi there, I have a question. Since The Cushnie Family has Scottish roots and lived in St Andrew Jamaica too does anyone know about the Richardson family from St Andrew Jamaica? My grandfather was James Maria Richadson son of a Scot i believe originated from Perth Scotland. I was wondering as there might have been close contact between the Scottish/ Jamaican People? I would be very happy if anyone had some information on this. My father passed away this Year and my search is not leading to anything. My Grandfather James Maria Richardson was married to Mrs. Carey. Emily Matilda Carey née Richardson. They live in St Andrew and I believe it was on Half Way Tree Road. Thank You very much for the Information. Reading this website makes me warm inside. So many Cushnies and all so loving and respectful towards each other. Kind Regards X gina richardson (gcsrichardson@gmail.com)

07/04/12 PETER WATT CUSHNIE (peter.cushnie@btinternet.com)
Comments: Hi I am trying to trace any relatives I may have in the Dundee area. My grandfather Alexander Cushnie was born in Dundee in the early 1900's. His mother was married 4 times - according to family legend! He moved to Aberdeen, married & went on to have 3 children - John, Alexander & Patricia. I have very little to go on in respect of dates - and my father Alexander Jnr is now suffering from advanced Alzheimers Disease - and unable to help me with this family search. If anyone can shed some light on this part of my family, I would be very greatful.

06/19/12 Wilfred Cushnie (wilf.cushnie@shaw.ca)
Comments: Greetings from West Vancouver, Canada. It has been a long time since I have left anything on this site so here is some info. I married Charlotte about four years ago now and we have been living in West Vancouver just by the ocean in an apartment overlooking Stanley Park and the lions Gate Bridge. I am still working at Canada Revenue Agency as an Appraiser and still enjoy the work. Charlotte is artistic, enjoys some painting and collecting fine art, glass and crystal and fine ceramics. We have a nice and growing collection of Japanese porclain figurines, and a fairly large and still growing set of Rossetti Spring Violets dishes made in japan ... but no longer in production so what is out there is all that ever will be available.... We have been taking a few trips to Washington State just south of us and to the Oregon Coast and the interior of Washington State ...looks the like Grand Canyon over there... to the Grand Coulee Dam area on the Columbia river ... that river runs down through the British Columbia Kootenay area ... a mountainous country and valley ... a great river now controlled for enormous irrigation in the USA and Canada.... really something to see ... hundreds of thousands of acres under irrigation from that great river and endless miles of apples and other fine tree fruits ... orchards and ranches etc and a great playground in the lakes and river systems.... So the winter was fine... a bit wet as we get a bit of rain most of the winter down in the lower areas but snow up on the surrounding mountains just north of us... We ski when we can and really enjoy that ... Whistler and Blackcomb are wonderlands for skiers so if you get a chance try them out.... Richard my son has two little girls now ,,,, Rowan and Marlow aged 6 and 4 and Elizabeth my daughter is married too but as yet has no little people of her own. My father Alexander and mother Thelma now live in Brantford Ontario close to my sister Mary Mansour who has beeh writing some books that you might find available under the name Mary Mansour Cushnie ... i believe they are about Vanpires or something ...mmm... anyway, she is busy with her growing family ... and I understand one of her two boys is about to become a father himself.... All my uncles are still living. George my fathers older brother, florence the sister and James and Donald and kenneth.. Age is having more to say about what they do now but that is to be expected. They all still live in Ontario so I do not get to see them very often...So, if you would like to write the best way to catch me is to email and my address is| wilf.cushnie@shaw.ca and phone number or cell is| 604-787-0546. best regards to everyone .... Wilfred and Charlotte Cushnie June 19, 2012.

06/13/12 Paul Dillon (dpauldi@gmail.com)
Comments: Hello, My name is Paul Dillon and I was looking for members of my family. My mother Lucille Cushnie-Curtis has a sister by the name of Nadia Cushnie, and I saw her name on this website. I was wondering if this Nadia is the same Nadia that is my aunt. You may contact me either way at dpauldi@gmail.com thanks

06/04/12 Stephanie O'Daniel (stephaniodaniel@gmail.com)
Comments: Hi family and greetings to Steven Baker regarding a reunion in Washington, PA. Steven, anyone in the family can plan and host a family reunion anywhere they decide to have one. Get creative, find a site, a town, a country, a state, and get busy planning it and send out invitations. If its done early enough, it gives relatives time to plan around their usual summer activities. So, good luck, looking forward to seeing an invite to Wasington, Pennsylvania or any place else you might decided to host one.

06/01/12 Falsome Harris (Cushnie) (cfharris@shaw.ca)

05/28/12 Jennifer Cushnie Chin-Young (chinyoungjennifer@yahoo.com)
Comments: This is to alert you!! My yahoo email account has been hacked into yet again. A friend forwarded a mail to me which she received this morning. The request is a lie! I am not asking anyone for any money! Do not respond!!

05/05/12 Jennifer Cushnie Chin-Young (chinyoungjennifer@yahoo.com)
Comments: Please accept my sincere condolence and that of my sister Angie, our husbands and children. Sister Tiny was very dear to me. I have fond memories of her from my early days spending summers in Cross Keys, and later in New York. We had fun going to her favourite shopping areas on Utica Avenue, among other places. I had to try very hard to keep up with her. She was so energetic! I cannot recall ever hearing her complain of even a head ache. She was truly blessed with good health. She was a firm, yet very gentle and kind person. I loved her dearly. We are grieving now, but we can be comforted with the knowledge that our aunt, mom, grandmother and friend is with our Lord. My sincere love and God's richest blessings to the rest of the family. Your cousin. Jennifer

04/26/12 lisa (lisacushnie@gmail.comt)

04/26/12 Eleanor P . Hill (hillbeartoo@aol.com)
Comments: Greeting to all just wanted to shair some good news God has bless me with a new greatgrand son.Gods blessing to all

04/23/12 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Happy Third Wedding Anniversary to Lintz and Terry Adams on April 23, 2012. I can't believe its three years already. I believe for the third anniversary you should get gifts of leather? O.K. Lintz, here is your opportunity to get dressed up in leather, with leather castanets so you can do the Spanish Dance of Joy. If you don't know a Spanish Dance of Joy - improvise. Sent with much Joy and Laughter. Love you both. Molly

04/23/12 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Happy Third Anniversary to Lintz and Terry Adams. I can't believe three years have gone by already. I believe for the third Anniversary, you should get gifts of leather? O.K. Lintz, this is a great opportunity for you to get dressed up in your leather, with leather castanets snd do a Spanish dance of joy for Terry. If you don't know a Spanish dance of joy - improvise. Hey, its your anniversary. Sent with much Love and Laughter. Molly

04/12/12 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Congratulations to Leif and Martina Rivera on your anniversary on April 15, 2012. May the past happy memories be a prelude to future memories. Happy Anniversary.

04/08/12 janice Cushnie Hilsman (janicehilsman@me.com)
Comments: Our dear Aunt, Mother, Sister Lillian (Sister Tiny) Cushnie passed away on Thurs. March 29th in Atlanta, Georgia. Sister Tiny Cushnie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late October and the doctors gave her 6 months to a year to live. She fought a good fight want went home to be with her Lord at 95 years old. Sis. Tiny Cushnie, was wife of Henry Cushnie of Cross Keys, Manchester. Funeral Arrangements, 2 planned. One memorial service was held in ATL, Sat. 4/7. A second - Funeral Service in NYC Friday, April 13th, 2012. Calvary Community Church, 1575 St. Johns Place (corner Buffalo Ave). Brooklyn, NY 11213. (718) 483-9320. Viewing: 5 to 7 p.m. Service: 7 to 9p.m. Interment Saturday morning at 8 a.m. - procession leaves church to Rosehill Cemetary. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the church's building fund. Posted on behalf of her son, David Cushnie - andan(email:simbrit13@bellsouth.net)

03/23/12 sedonie cushnie (raysmotorsport@live.com)
Comments: i am sedonie the last child for lloyd cushnie. i would like to know all about the different family members that i have and dont know. i hope to meet you all one day.

02/23/12 DennisandDasnethRichardson (dasnethrichardson@yahoo.com)
Comments: Greetings to the Cushnie Family. We have not been in touch for a long time. We had a reunion years ago in St. Thomas, Jamaica. All the best for 20012.

01/01/12 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: "Big George" was such a lovely, lovely person. We are so glad to have had him in our lives. I have a memory of several of the Cushnies hanging on to both his arms as we all walked towards the lake to take a photograph at the family reunion last August. He will lovingly remembered by many. We are keeping his immediate family in our thoughts and prayers. Much Love to you all. Molly

12/28/11 Jo Gaither (jogaither@live.com)
Comments: I am so sorry to hear about Big George. He was loved by many. I was so happy to have him in my life, even if for a short time. My prays are with Clair and the family.

12/28/11 Janet Morris (jarcush@yahoo.ca)
Comments: Family= (F)ather (A)nd (M)other (I) (L)love (Y)ou.This website given by George Jnr to his Mum and Dad is one of the greatest gifts ever given.May his soul RIP as we the Cushnie family globally share the happy memories in celebrating his life.God takes the best and so we let him go.Blessings always to extended families and friends.

12/26/11 George Cushnie Jr. (george@caiweb.com)
Comments: I am sorry to report that George C Cushnie Sr. passed away on Christmas day. He was 88. Dad had a stroke on Friday. He was very active right up until the stroke; having attended a coffee social. We should all be so lucky. We established this website for Dad and Mom in 2002. Mom and Dad always enjoyed hearing from family. Mom is doing well, considering her loss. God bless all the Cushnies and our extended family.

12/22/11 Janice M. Cushnie Hilsman (Janicehilsman@me.com)
Comments: Merry Christmas to my family, many blessings and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

12/01/11 Claire Rose Grant-Cushnie (Rosegrant001@comcast.neti)
Comments: Daughter of Joseph & lda Cushnie both deceased.

11/11/11 Steven Baker (treasures2930@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hello all. Alice Elizabeth Cushnie Baker was my grandmother. It is nice to get in touch with extended family. Hope all are well. Maybe one day another Cushnie reunion could be held like the one in Washington Pa. in the early 1980,s for Cushnie-Wiley families.

11/11/11 Steven Baker (treasures2930@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hello I am the grandson of Alice Elizabeth Cushnie Baker. wanted to say it is nice to find someone who shares my family heritage. I have many fond memories of aunt Charlotte and uncle Henry. hope to hear from you soon.

10/29/11 Jim Cushnie (james.cushnie@rbcdexia.com)
Comments: Mr George Alexander Cushnie - March 3, 2010 It is with great sadness that we said goodbye to our father and grandfather and your friend George on Wednesday, March 3, 2010. George was born July 26, 1932 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a graduate of The University of Manitoba (Bachelor of Commerce), he began his career in leasing at IAC. He met and married Vi (predeceased October 2007). After relocating a few times, the family finally settled in the Toronto area in 1961. George went on to a long and successful management career at Simpsons, then Page Flooring before retiring. As an only child, George cherished his time surrounded by his family. He will always be lovingly remembered by his son Jim Cushnie (Joan and grandchildren Leigh Lahti (Tyler), Drew and Amber), his daughter Sandra Bowser (Doug and grandchildren Kally, Julie, Tessa and Josee), his daughter Heather Mayhew (Michael and grandchildren Carly and Patrick). George leaves the legacy of being a strong, loving, and kind gentleman who supported and cared for us all deeply. Not just a sports fan, George was an avid curler and golfer. He will be remembered by dear friends Jack and Marg Holman and many others from the former Avonlea Curling Club and Scarboro Golf and Country Club. He proudly gave back to his community and served as a Rotarian with the North Scarborough Rotary Club. He will be remembered fondly for his friendly good nature and his competitiveness. The family extends our gratitude to the staff at Abbeylawn Manor for the respect, wonderful care and kindness they gave to George. Our family will receive friends and family at a gathering to share memories and to celebrate Georges life on Saturday, March 6 from 11a.m. to 2p.m. at McEachnie Funeral Home, 28 Old Kingston Rd, Pickering Village, Ajax (905-428-8488). In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate memorial donations be made to the Rouge Valley Health System  Ajax site. Online book of condolence may be signed below.

09/16/11 Quinn Cushnie (quinnc81@gmail.com)

08/23/11 Lora Sappleton (loraaven@yahoo.com)

08/03/11 mickoy cushnie (cushkash@yahoo.com)
Comments: im trying to find my relatives

06/27/11 frederick cushnie (fnccush@aol.com)

06/10/11 Jo Gaither (jogaither@live.com)
Comments: Happy birthday George Cushnie Sr I hope to see you at this years reunion

06/10/11 Jo Gaither (jogaither@live.com)
Comments: Family Reunion Aug. 19 to 21 jogaither@live.com for information

06/09/11 George Cushnie Jr. (george@caiweb.com)
Comments: Happy 88th birthday to George Cushnie Sr. Thanks to Molly Cushnie for making the trip down from New York to celebrate. Much love to the entire family. How are the reunion plans coming along for 2011?

06/07/11 Olive Duncan (Duncan176278@bellsouth.net)
Comments: I was born in Dundee Scotland, in the housing scheme called Kirkton. I remember the name Cushnie. Now living in the USA. Macon georgia to be exact and used to go to a highlend dance class every Saturday the teachers name was Violet Wighton and she live in Beauley right by Gillburn primary school. I was trying to find any information on her so I thought I would try your site---a long shot I know. thanks Olive Duncan (nee Linton)

05/28/11 John Cushnie (john@thecushnies.co.uk)
Comments: Hi again, Met up with Nathan in Slough. We are both working for Telefonica and have a lot of 'catching up' to do.... All the best John (From Cumbria, UK)

05/27/11 Sharon Cushnie (scus944721@aol.com)
Comments: Just learned that my oldest sister Pearl Cushnie of Glen Goff St Catherine passed away earlier this year,she was the daughter of Arthur R. Cushnie of Kingston,Pearl rest in peace,and tho we may not have been close you were still my sister and you mattered, my condolences to her children, from all of Pearl's siblings.

05/23/11 STEPHANIE O'DANIEL (stefaniodaniel@verizon.net)
Comments: Good Morning Cushnie Family Sorry to be the bearer of sad news but Millicent (Mina) Ina Lewis passed away May 19, 2011 - she was my Mom and Chris'. Mina was the grand daughter of James Joseph Cushnie and Christiana Neita Cushnie. She was the daughter of Evelyn Cushnie Grant and Edmund Grant. We did not have a service but had a gathering of family members the Saturday following her passing. I have some printed material about Mina for those of you who may want one. Give me your name, address and I will send you one.

05/22/11 donald cushnie (don2861@live.co.uk)
Comments: can all cushnies get in touch

05/08/11 Janet Morris (jarcush@yahoo.ca)
Comments: With very Special Wishes on Mother's Day.To all the Cushnie family,friends and well wishers sending you special blessings this Mothering Sunday. Have a great day.

03/05/11 Dorien smith (dorien.leonard@linuxmail.org)
Comments: Iam Esmie Cushnie daughter my dad was a Walker I love to go on line and get this wounderful feeling of belonging to this great family all my love and Gos blessing

02/26/11 Don Gilroy (donnygag@gmail.com)
Comments: My great grandmother was Ida Cushnie from St. Andrew, Jamaica. She married Leopold Hunter from Lawerence Tavern in 1905 and died around 1914 at the age of 31. Her marriage record indicates that her father was George Cushnie but no other details were provided. I'm looking for any help with filling in the blanks. Thanks, Don.

02/24/11 grant cushnie (cushco944@msn.com)
Comments: hi family sorry about the blank message oops. i hope all is good., life in oz is good, i was one of the dundee clan but moved to australia 20 years ago if anyone has any info or questions about family would love to hear from you

02/16/11 Sharon Cushnie (scus944721@aol.com)
Comments: Today is a sad day,as it is one year ago (Feb 16th 2010) that I lost my brother Arthur Cushnie Jr. (Junior) a brilliant mind,a quiet soul,a father and husband, Junior I will never be able to let you know again face to face how much I love you, but I will forever cherish the memories I have of you. May your soul rest in peace.

01/29/11 marvodollars (marvodollars@yahoo.com)
Comments: am here to shout to my families how is everyone doing im marvin cushnie from kingston jamaica my daddy name edwin cushnie norman cushnie thats is father name he died about 1997 or 1998 ambozeen cushnie was is wife that and we are originate from golden spring temple hall am just checking on my last name one day on facebook and started to meat a lot of cushnie so thats when i stop saying that my family are very smalll, but i heard about a reunion in about 2001 but i was such a kid i did't have any control on certain movements im here seaching to know the root of my family i also heard that the family are from scotland its a pleasure to know certain thing about my fams love you all coming straight from central kingston jamaica

01/14/11 Maria (maria.lobban@yahoo.com)
Comments: My grandmother who's from Glengoffe, Jamaica had a sister named Nezzie Watson, she had a son with the last name Cushnie, I've never met that side of the family and would like to know if there's a connection, I'm trying to set up a family tree...I appreciate any help.

01/11/11 Jo Gaither (jogaither@live)
Comments: We are planning the family reunion for 2011. We hope to hear from family member with Ideas and any information about the reunion 2011.

12/21/10 STEPHANIE O'DANIEL (stefaniodaniel@aol.com)
Comments: Hi family, got a call from a Sheron Cushnie a ew days ago. Unfortunately, phone call was disconnected. I don't know Sheron but I am hoping that she calls again 240-483-1878. If someone knows her - please forward or relay message. Thanks and Merry Christmas and Have a Blessed New Year!

12/15/10 Daphne Cruel (daphne_cruel@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hello my name is Daphne. My mother was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1960 her mothers name is Daphne Rose and her fathers name is David Chusnie. My mother never got the chance to meet her fathers side of the family because she moved to America at a young age. It has always been her dream to meet her long lost family. So it has been my goal to attempt to find them for her as well as my self. If there are members of the Chusnie family that remember a David Chusnie that left Kingston, Jamaica and moved to Canada please contact me via e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

11/25/10 Janet (jarcush@yahoo.ca)
Comments: As the leaves fall and the year comes to a close.It is time to gather with family and friends and give thanks for all our blessings.Let us pray for another year filled with prosperity,joy and peace.Happy Thanks Giving.

11/05/10 Sharon Cushnie (scus944721@aol.com)
Comments: Just sending a great big I love you to my brothers, Errol, Colin, Clarence, Alvin, Sisters Marjorie & Pearl. Just letting you know that I love you while you are here,and to the one missing Arthur Jr. R.I.P. you will always be in our hearts.

11/01/10 sea ranger boats (le.x.ie.irhobsonkhbaw@gmail.com)
Comments: Thanks For This Post, was added to my bookmarks.

10/29/10 winnie thomas (kelwin58@MSN.COM)

10/08/10 Charlie Simpson (charles.simpson12btinternet.com)
Comments: Our old family farm in Banffshire Scotland is called South Cushnie Charlie

08/28/10 leah cushnie (leah_cushnie23@yahoo.com)
Comments: i think im family and would like to be family

08/27/10 Roxanne Franklin (rluxe2000@yahoo.com)
Comments: I just wanted to touch base with my very extended family members. My maternal grandmother Eugenia Cushnie (daughter of George A. Cushnie)passed away one year ago next week at the age of 96. I shared with her that I found this website and she implored me to reconnect with as many Cushnies as possible. er father immigrated to Los Angeles in the 1870's from Kingston and helped many of his family members to California. If possible, I would like to participate in any events that may come up.

08/12/10 Eleanor P. Hill (hillbeartoo@aol.com)
Comments: Hello family my family anI hope to see you all at the family reunion.My daughter anI were at the weding in Louisiana (April 09 ) we meet some of you , so I will be happy to meet more of my family,I feel ss bless to have found so much family that I did'n know I had,God bless see you at the reunion

07/30/10 STACY-ANN CUSHNIE (kushnie_boo@yahoo.com)

07/10/10 grant cushnie (cushco944@msn.com)
Comments: hi im a cushnie to dont know if related but hi anyway you guys have a cool name too

07/04/10 Heather Smith(nee Cushnie) (heathersmith901@btinternet.com)
Comments: My brother and his two sons are the only Cushnie's left to carry on the name in our family, so it's good to see so many of you around the world. Heather from Aberdeen

06/27/10 Chris Numa (marina1214@yahoo.com)
Comments: Beverly Cushnie are you the Beverly who was married to Bunny Grant? If you are I am trying to find your brother Lloyd Cushnie I am a friend Be blessed thanks please let me know...at my e-mail

06/06/10 george cushnie sr (gccushnie@virzon.net)
Comments: my son george cushnie jr set this site`up for my 80rh birth day,iam now 87.it great to hear from all the Cushnies arond the world.God bless all of you.

06/06/10 MOIRA (moirastevenson@aol.com)
Comments: My gt x3 uncle James Stevenson married Mary Cushnie born abt 1850 Airdrie Lanarkshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of Charles Cushnie from Kirkcaldy Scotland and Mary Ann Park. I would be interested in any information relating to any of the aforementioned people. Many thanks Moira

06/03/10 Sharon R Cushnie (scus944721@aol.com)
Comments: As I think about my brother Arthur R Cushnie Jr who passed away recently, I am reflecting on the many chats we used to have and his robust laughter,so we; your brother Carl, your brother Alvin, your brother Clarence, your sister Marjorie and your oldest sibling Pearl want to say Rest In Peace my brother, your memory will live on forever, as for me Sharon,I will always love you.You have a special place in my heart.

05/26/10 Jo Gaither (jogaither@live.com)
Comments: This is the hotel we will be staying at on the reunion weekend: Hampton Inn & Suites Arundel Mills/Baltimore 7027 Arundel Mills Circle, Hanover, Maryland, USA 21076 Tel: 1-410-540-9225 Fax: 1-410-540-9224 As always, email Jo or Joy for more information

05/15/10 Enid Cushnie (enidcushnie@yahoo.com)
Comments: Greetings to the Cushnie Family from S. C. USA. Hope that you are all in good health I am trying to locate Oswald L. Cushnie and if any one has seen or heard from him please foward my info to him AND PLEASE CONTACT ME at the E-MAIL address above God Bless. Enid

04/15/10 Tanesha Cushnie (cushniet@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi iwas just surfing the web and found you. I live in jamaica and i am 26 years old. My father name is Lorenzo Cushnie and his fathers name was Narman Cushnie. I hope to talk to you guys soon. Love you

04/10/10 Karen Harley (krh_karenharley@yahoo.com)
Comments: My dad was Davidson "DaDa" Murple Reeves, born on Christmas day. I think you posted a comment. I'm from Louisiana, but I am visiting in Wappingers Falls, NY.

04/06/10 helen cushnie (helehpudding@live.co.uk)
Comments: sorry sue have lost phone no. but you can get me by e/mail now hope to hear from you soon love helen

03/27/10 Stephanie [Stevie] O'Daniel (stefanieodaniel@aol.com)
Comments: Hi Again Family - Ed has not firmed up exacts dates for his Memorial Day-Week-end Birthda celebration but will soon. We usually stay at the Francis Scott Key Motel. More than likely plans will be made from May 28th - 31st. Those dates are open basically - meaning - stay one day or two, etc. We kinda do our own thing while but one day is set aside to celebrate Ed's birthday and Uncle Eddie's [Edmund Grant] birthday at the pavillon near pond and in-door pool, in the back of the motel. Ed and I bring food but anyone coming can bring something to eat and drink. There are grills as well to cook food. Ed will send out emails to you let you know exactly when. Hope to see you there. You can also call us [301] 424-0687.

03/26/10 Stephanie O'Daniel (stefanieodaniel@aol.com)
Comments: Hello family - just a shout out to all of you from North Potomac, Maryland from me and my husband Ed O'Daniel. Ed and Uncle Eddie celebrate their birthdays in Ocean City, Maryland on or around Memorial Day week-end. Contact Ed @ Eodaniel@aol.com for details

03/09/10 Jo Gaither (jogaither@live.com,)
Comments: Remember!! One Love One Family Reunion In Maryland  Aug. 20, 22, Aug. 2010. Please contact Jo Gaither at 410 519-4140 Or Joy Stephens 301 350-9416

03/07/10 Margaret Cushnie (midoodle@sbcglobal.net)
Comments: I am Margaret Cushnie, sister of Peter Cushnie who has already contacted you. My father George Ross Cushnie married my mother Helen Dempewolf in 1937. I would love to hear from any one who knew him. He was born on May 14th 1912. Thanks. Margaret Elizabeth Cushnie, Milford, Ct.

03/06/10 Peter Cushnie (Hisnibs3403@sbcglobal.net)
Comments: My father, the late George Ross Cushnie (1912-1981) from Aberdeen, Scotland, always said that all Cushnies are related. Is this true? I send you the following information in the hope of finding out. Most information re family in Scotland has been lost over the years. I am Peter William Cushnie, age 66, son of George Ross Cushnie (above) born at Beech Lodge, View Terrace, Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1912. His father was Peter Cushnie, married to Eliza Jane Adam in 1910. My grandfather was a laundry manager. My father obtained his U.S. citizenship in 1931. He never returned to Scotland. He lived with two aunts, Elizabeth and Margaret Cushnie. Does any of thisstrike any chords? Photos are available. Thanks! Peter Cushnie Milford, Connecticut USA

02/22/10 Carole Cushnie (cjcushnie@aol.com)
Comments: Funeral Services for the late Arthur R.Cushnie, Jr., to be held on Friday February 26, 2010 at Boyd Panciera Funeral Home, 6400 Hollywood Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale. 6-8 p.m. (viewing). Services to be held on Saturday February 27, 2010 at 10:00 a.m., at Forrest Lawn, (The Pyramid) I-595 and Davie Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

02/20/10 Carole Cushnie (cjcushnie@aol.com)
Comments: ARTHUR R. CUSHNIE, JR., died tragically on February 17, 2010, he leaves to mourn, Wife Denise, Daughters, Ariel and Arissa, Mother Mildren, Brothers, Colin and Errol, Sister Paulette, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Many Many Friends.

02/13/10 Michael John Cushnie (cushmj1@aol.com)
Comments: Hello to all my fellow Cushnie's My name is Michael John Cushnie my father John Duncan Cushnie Jr. who passed away in 1983 my uncle James Cushnie i am trying to locate if anyone knows any information about him please feel free to contact me.They also had a sister named Winifred. I love this sight i wish i would have discovered it a long time ago.

02/12/10 philip cushnie (bcorning@gmail.com)
Comments: looking for MARK cushnie Vancouver Canada

01/28/10 Jo Gaither (jogaither@live.com)
Comments: Hi my name is Jo Gaither. I am the daughter of Lorraine Grant and Charles Henderson. I am the granddaughter of Edmund Grant and Evelyn Cushnie I have two children, Michael, and Liza. And four wonderful grandchildren, which I hope you meet at the upcoming family reuioun.

01/23/10 Eleanor Hill (hillbeartoo)
Comments: Sorry family i didn't knoe how to uplode pictures but look for me on face book.I would love to heair from you

01/23/10 Eleanor Hill (hillbeartoo@aol.com)
Comments: Hello family How is every one doing?I hope God has blessed all of you I hope to see you all at the family reunion.I am going to try to post picture of my family ,I hope I can do it

01/23/10 Antoinette M. Scott (Toni) (ascott@ec.rr.com)
Comments: hello everyone it has been a while since I have been on. I am Antoinette (Toni)the 3rd daughter of Lorraine Gaskin. Granddaugther of Edmund Grant and Evelyn Cushnie. I have 3 sister's and 2 brothers. I live in Jacksonville N.C. I have 5 children all are grown now. 2 are in orlando florida 1 in south dakota and 1 in here with a new husband and the other is just gotten into the National Guard. I have 6 grands so far. I will try to keep in touch. Hope to see many at the reunion.

01/21/10 Jo Gaither (jogaither@live.com)
Comments: One Love One Family Reunion In Maryland  Aug. 20, 22, Aug. 2010. Please contact Jo Gaither at 410 519-4140 Or Joy Stephens 301 350-9416

01/08/10 Dominic Mawdsley (dpmawdsley@talktalk)
Comments: I am trying to contact a woman by the name of Hilary Cushnie (nee Johnson), on behalf of my mother, with whom she was at school (Seafield Grammar School). Her name is Mary Greenwood (previously Mawdsley, nee Carpenter). My mother received a Christmas card from her and would like to stay in contact, but has lost the address. Can you help?

12/29/09 Domonique Devereaux (ladyprodigy8190@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hello. my name is Domonique Devereaux, my grandmother Janet cushnie was born in Jamaica, where she gave birth to the rest of my aunts (one of them being Janice cushnie hills.) and mother.. i was informed about this website through my cousin Angela Cushnie. i would just like to no more about my family . thankyou.

12/25/09 donovan cushnie (cushnien6@.com)
Comments: hello every one my name is donovan cushnie i was born in kingston jamaica,i live in englewood nj most of my life,now i'am prisently live in harlem usa new york,i have five kid's'i'am an up and coming fashion designer i also love music,if anyone from the Cushnie generation would lik to contact me at my email address please do so my telephone number is (917)682-4877

12/23/09 KymYvette (kymyvett@optonline.net)
Comments: Hi! Due to the airline accident in Jamaica, I am concerned whether or not any of our family members were on that flight. I pray all are safe and unharmed. Also, I wish to send out holiday wishes to all of the Cushnie Clan. And joyous wishes, especially, those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you for your service!

12/23/09 Pamela Daniel (monkeytiger2008@yahoo.com)
Comments: My grandfather "Buddy" Reeves married my grandmother, Annie Eisenhower, when she was 14 years old as the story goes. They settled in Shreveport, Louisiand and my grandmother had 8 children and my father was the next to youngest.

12/23/09 Pamela Daniel (monkeytiger2008@yahoo.com)
Comments: My grandfather's name was Elmore "Buddy" Reeves and was born on Christmas Day. I believe he or his parents immigrated from the UK, but I am not positive about that. I wish you great luck in finding out about your ancestors. My father, Davidson "DaDa" Murple Reeves was also born on Christmas Day

12/18/09 michael walker (youngmikedatdude@aol.com)
Comments: Hi i was wondering does anyone know enos b grant he was born in kingston jamaica but thats about all i kno im his grandson my mother name is andrea grant we are from rochester ny i you kno him fell free to contact me

12/15/09 Christina (christina.best@tiscali.co.uk)
Comments: Hi I am researching my family Tree. my Great grandfathers 2nd wife was Margaret Craig, her father was John/James Craig, he married Hellen Cushnie age 22 on Feb 27th 1863 Aberdeen, her father was James Cushnie, wife Margaret Masson. Dose this link in with your family Tree as they were all from Aberdeen.

12/01/09 John Cushnie (bjc@bjcushnie.co.uk)
Comments: Hi , my name is Ken Smith I am grandfather of Thomas Alexander Cushnie and Daniel Rober Cushnie -twin 13yr olds.With father John Cushnie now lives in Ripon North Yorkshire John'father Alexander Cushnie came from Perth Scotland and married Christina Allen in Oct 56. The twins do not know if this site and I think would be thrilled to hear from any cushnie relatives.

11/17/09 Danielle Proctor (dmprocto@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi Family, I am the daughter of Doreen Proctor (nee' Hill) - Granddaughter of Elanor Hill (daugther of Lorrine Grant and Tomas Gaskin,Granddaugther of Edmund Grant and Evelyn Cusnie.) and Roger Hill. My daughter is Raeven Gabriel Williams... We live in Florida....

11/15/09 Donna Grant (gra7don@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hello Family!!! My name is Donna Grant from Bronx, NY and Edmund Grant who is my brother also who resides in the Bronx as well, Darlene Grant Campbell who is my sister who resides in Florida we are the children of Edmund Grant who is the son of Evelyn Cushnie and Edmund Grant. My son's name is Jalen Hines, Hi Family!!! love the site please keep intouch.

11/10/09 Eleanor P.Hill (hillbeartoo@aol.com)
Comments: Hi family, MY name is Eleanor Iam the daugther of Lorrine Grant and Tomas Gaskin,Granddaugther of Edmund Grant and Evelyn Cusnie.I met part of the family at Lantz's wedding

11/10/09 Stephanie O'Daniel (stefaniodaniel@aol.com)
Comments: Hi family, just found out about the web site today. I am the daughter of Millicent Grant Lewis and Alton Lewis. Niece of Edmund Grant, who is the son of Edmund Grant and Evelyn Cushnie. My son is Emir Hernandez.

11/08/09 Janice Cushnie Hilsman (janicehilsman@me.com)
Comments: Hello everyone, I hope that all is well. Please note my new email address: janicehilsman@me.com. God Bless. Janice Oldsmar, Florida


10/30/09 Peter Cushnie (petercushnie.2eb@btinternet.com)
Comments: I have been on this site many years ago and I thought that I would like to see what is currently going on at Cushnie.org Regards to all Peter.

10/26/09 jada cushnie (guitargirl223@gmail.com)
Comments: Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

10/15/09 tyronecushnie (tyronecushnie@yahoo.com)
Comments: hi i am form jamaica but living in the us. this is a good thing u doing hear keep it up

09/04/09 denville hyre (dhyre@netzero.net)

09/02/09 Elean Cushnie (caneheap@gmail.com)
Comments: Hi, I am Elean Cushnie daughter of Ephraim Cushnie.(deceased 1997) I was born in Golden Spring Jamaica but now lives in St.Petersburg, Florida. I have a brother Winston Cushnie who lives in Palm Harbor, Florida. My father did mention at one time that my ancestors were from Scotland. It is wonderful to know that there are Cushnie's all around the world.

08/05/09 Imani Wilmot (imaniwilmot@gmail.com)
Comments: I was online searching for the meanings of baby names when i came across this site and got excited. My boyfriend is a Cushnie, born and raised here in Jamaica. I will defintely send him the link to this site...this is amazing

07/30/09 Michelle Rivera-Spann (michelle.spann@att.net)
Comments: Hi, I am Michelle Rivera-Spann daughter of Franklin Rivera son of Dorritt Cushnie from Kingston Jamaica and Inez Rivera from Arecibo, Puerto Rico.I reside in Boynton Beach, FL with my husband Gregory Spann and daughter Olivia Rivera-Spann (5 years old). My parents, Franklin Rivera and Lillian Rivera also reside in Boynton Beach, FL. It would be wonderful to meet more of my father's side of the family. I would love to have each of you meet my husband and daughter so that she can know how diverse her family is.

07/15/09 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Help!!!! I have been searching for years for the date of birth and the full parentage of WILLIAM CUSHNIE, born around 1826, possibly at Above Rocks, St. Catherine. I know William's father was Edward (but there are many Edwards, so I need to have his mother's name to identify the correct Edward). William married Frances. Their children were Elizabeth Louise born 21.5.1849 who married Charles D'Aquin; Rosalie b. 31.5.1853; Catherine b. 27.5.1855; George William (my grgrandfather) b. 27.3.1859 who married Olivia; James Joseph b.22.4.1861 who married Christiana Neita; Francis Samuel b. 22.6.1863; Thomas Samuel b. 09.08.1869 who married Jane Ann Cowan. WILLIAM, widower, aged 55 married Rebecca Wilson, Feb. 15, 1881 at St. Mary's Chapel, Above Rocks. WILLIAM's father is shown as Edward Cushnie on his second marriage certificate, but I need to identify which Edward. Please email me if you have any information regarding WILLIAM and Edward's full parentage.. Molly

07/15/09 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Congratulations to Terry Adams who married our beautiful cousin, Lintz on 23rd April, 2009 in New Orleans. You both have the family's best wishes for a long and happy life together. Pictures of the wedding can be seen on the picture section of this Page. The former Lintz Rivera is the grandaughter of Dorritt Cushnie Rivera from Kingston, Jamaica and Inez Rivera from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Lintz is the daughter of Lillian from Sundsvaal, Sweden and Leo, the sister of Dr. Leif Rivera and Lars, the sister-in-law of Martina and the aunt of Noah. The groom's family has an academic history in the State of Louisiana. Terry's great grandfather helped to found Grambling College as well as getting Booker T. Washington to teach at Tuskegee. A very BIG thank you to George Cushnie, Jnr. for weaving his wonderful magic and getting the pictures on the Page. I wish Lintz and Terry your full share of happiness as the years go on. Molly

07/15/09 Brian Stavrum (Brian263_2000@yahoo.com)
Comments: This is a great site.

07/14/09 Josephine Carey (jazzyaka08@yahoo.com)
Comments: Wow! Greetings to you all. We are all here in Boynton Beach, Florida. Hope you and your family members are in the best of health. May God continue to guide your path. Love you all, the "J" Family

07/05/09 jenny (jenny2barnett@yahoo.ca)
Comments: This is an interesting site. A good way to share information with family

06/15/09 Kay Colliver Pretzsch (rpretzsch@verizon.net)
Comments: Looking for Cousin Edna Louise Cushnie Adkins. Would like for her to contact me.

05/22/09 Jada (Guitargirl@gmail.com)
Comments: I got a new email address.

05/10/09 Jen Proverbs -Williams (fancyflier1@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi Stacy cushinie, I was browsing on the website and saw that you were looking for your father who I happened to know but lost contact with him as well. I would love for you to contact me via e-mail. I resided in Maryland

04/15/09 kaydia Rowe (kdajrowe@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi my name is Kady...I attended Hampton High...And now attending UWI....

03/24/09 sharon cushnie (scus944721@aol.com)
Comments: Hi all,I am hope all is well with you all, I was looking for pictures from the Cushnie's on Manchester last reunion, but was not able to fine any, I wonder if any one has any that they can post to the site I was there and had a great time seeing my brother and sister who I have not seen for years luv you Marjorie, Errol, Collin and Clarence, also Grandma Marvey you are the best luv you.

03/23/09 Jada Cushnie (dancergirl01@verizon.net)
Comments: I'm on spring break in PA. The place is called The Great Wolf Lodge. It's an indoor waterpark. GreatWolf.com

03/10/09 winnie thomas (kelwin58@msn.com)
Comments: can anyone help me find my grandfather ishmael watson from kilmarnock dist st. e lizabeth jamaica west indies

02/14/09 Jada Cushnie (dancrgirl01@verizon.net)
Comments: Happy valentines day everyone!!!!!

02/09/09 Jennifer Cushnie Chin-Young (jchinyoung @yahoo.com)
Comments: My fellow Cushnie's, I wish to bring to your attention an email which is being sent by Mr Camarra Ben, Accounting Officer, Oceanic Bank Plc #11 Victory Island Lagos who said that he is an Accounting Officer to late Mr. James Cushnie, a businessman, who died of cardiac disease. This crook Mr. Camarra Ben, said that he is trying to locate relatives so that he can give them the millions of dollars that (James Cushnie)the deceased, left in a bank account. My relatives, this is a LIE! This is yet another scam! Do not give any personal details to this evil person. It is clearly another of the many mails which are being sent out by an individual or a group who have tricked innocent individuals. Please don't be fooled!

02/08/09 stacy ann cushnie (kushnie_boo@yahoo.com)
Comments: i am looking for my father albert cushnie i lived in paterson nj i haven't seen my father since i was 11year old.

02/08/09 sacyann cushnie (kushnie_boo@yahoo.com)
Comments: i am looking for my father albert cushnie who is from jamaica and used work at minister of education and his wife name i think is beverly cushn ie

01/26/09 Chris Duff (chris.duff3@sympatico.ca)
Comments: Additional information on the forebears of Mary Anne Cushnie who married Sir Alexander Morison in 1799. I can't go further back than Patrick Cushnie, a haberdasher in Aberdeen and who died at Stonehaven in 1798. He had married Anne Stratton in 1743 and had five children - Thomas (1744-1788) who died in Jamaica. He married but had no children; Peter, born 1746, died in infancy; Alexander (1748-1798), of whom more later; Anna, born 1749, married Mr. Burns, no children; Peter (1752-1790),died at Stonehaven where he farmed. Peter married Elizabeth Stratton, a niece (?) to the above Anne Stratton, and they had three children - Anne, who married but had no children; Alexander Cushnie, who died in Jamaica without issue; and Patrick Cushnie of Montrose who died in 1869. Coming back to Alexander Cushnie (1748-1798), he went to Jamaica and was the owner of Windsor Castle Farm. He married Mary Herdman in Scotland and had two children who died in infancy and one daughter, Mary Anne, who survived and married Sir Alexander Morison. Which is where we came in! A note about the Stratton's. George Stratton, born circa 1690, had six sons - Thomas b.1731, John, William b.1730, Robert, James and Alexander, all of whom went to Jamaica between 1740 and 1756. Alexander married and his daughter Elizabeth married Peter Cushnie (see above). George Stratton's only daughter Ann Stratton married Patrick Cushnie (see above) in 1743. The bad news from all this is there are no descendants of this Cushnie family, as the last male Patrick Cushnie of Montrose died in 1869. What is interesting is that the Cushnie name remains in Jamaica, so other Cushnies must have gone there. Any ideas, anyone?

01/18/09 Chris Duff (chris.duff3@sympatico.ca)
Comments: Just found this lovely site! My 5Great-Grandfather John Murison had a son, Andrew Murison (my 5Great-Uncle) who married Mary Herdman. They had a son, Alexander Morison (yes, with an 'o') who became Sir Alexander and who married Mary Anne Cushnie, daughter of Alexander Cushnie of Aberdeen and Windsor Castle Farm, Jamaica. Alexander and Mary had a large family, many of whom died young or were unmarried. One of their sons was Alexander Cushnie Morison (1813-1861)who married Margaret Gordon Maclennan (1825-1907). Their children were Alexander Blackhall-Morison (1850-1927), Basil Gordon Morison (1854-1915) and Mary Morison (1857-1926). Alexander Blackhall-Morison (AB-M) was a doctor of medicine, as were his brother Basil, his father Alexander Cushnie, his uncle Thomas Coutts and his grandfather, Sir Alexander Morison (of whom Dr Nick Hervey is writing a biography). AB-M left with the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh a collection of family documents. One is a manuscript genealogy of the Morisons, which was the basis of his book "The Blackhalls of That Ilk and Barra" published in 1905. In this manuscript is a family tree showing Sir Alexander's and Mary Anne Cushnie's children: Andrew, John, Leopold, Henry, Margaret, Mary H., Mary E., all died young. Anne and Charlotte did not marry; Thomas Coutts Morison died unmarried in Australia; Jane married Rev. John Summers; Somerville married Barron Grahame of Kincardineshire; Sarah married Charles Nicoll; Frances married Edward Hutton. David James Cushnie notes that Alexander Cushnie Morison died on military service with the East India Company. AB-M fills this out in his book referred to above, saying Alexander Cushnie was a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in England and entered the military service of the Honorable East India Company. He died on 5 Feb 1861 on his return from India invalided at Anchorfield Cottage, on the Murison/Morison family estate of Anchorfield in Newhaven, on the northern outskirks of Edinburgh. In the parish churchyard at Currie, south of Edinburgh, can be seen a large stone, more a monument, at the burial place of Sir Alexander Morison and his wife Mary Anne Cushnie, together with some of their children.

01/18/09 Jada Cushnie (dancergirl01@verizon.net)
Comments: Hi. Just discovered this site. I love it!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

01/08/09 Janice Cushnie Hilsman (jhilsman@gunnallen.com.)
Comments: Happy New Year all! May God continue to bless each of you. Doreen Cushnie, nice to see your email. Uncle Charles of Cross Keys, Manchester is my mom's brother and that makes us first cousins, how wonderful to hear from you. We've never met and I would love to hear from you. I will email you under separate cover. Much love, j

12/27/08 Doreen Cushnie (dncushnie@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi everyone. Just learnt about this site a day ago. Great info. on the Cushnie family. I do not know many of the family members but maybe this is a start. I am the daughter of Charles Cushnie (deceased) from Manchester, Jamaica & I am living in Jamaica. A prosperous and safe 2009 to all.

12/24/08 George Cushnie Jr. (george@caiweb.com)
Comments: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Cushnie Family. A special hello to Molly, Janet, and Janice. Much love....George

12/03/08 Assylum Rowe (pregonorris@yahoo.com)
Comments: I've came to notice someone in the directory page....with my last name, in which lives in an area familiar to me, St. Elizabeth around Monroe College near a place called heathfield...I was wondering if you guys can send me a photo of this individual(Kaydia Rowe)...I would appreciate that very much...

11/27/08 Janet Morris (jarcush@yahoo.ca)
Comments: A Special Thanksgiving wish to George jnr., for the gift of this website to his parents.I am delighted that so many people are getting to know more about their families. Whoever told us that there were so many Cushnies out there? We are family, we are friends, we are loved ones.May your Thanksgiving be blessed with love of family and friends and a harvest of smiles. With much love.Janet

11/18/08 Violet Morris (violetmorris16@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hello fellow cushnies' just a line to send greetings from the bahamas. I am working here at the moment. I am from Jamaica and haven't had any contact with my father Victor Cushnie, as he and my mom broke off their relationship right before i was born. I would really like to know who he was and find some of my relatives. I have a friend who found this website for me, so I am grateful to find all you cushnies here. have a great day and take care.

11/14/08 Stacy-Ann Cushnie-Lowe (fxyyanique@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi Cushnies!!! Hope everyone is ok. It seems Ive found another Sibling, Lasharna. I discovered her today on this site and hope to meet her sometime in the future. I got married to a Barbadian in August of this year hence the hyphenation and am now living and practicing medicine in Barbados. I hope to attend the next reunion. Hi molly and Aunty Sharon!!

10/14/08 SHARON CUSHNIE (scus944721@aol.com)
Comments: hi I have a question for all my family history buffs, it was brought to my attention by a friend years ago that our name may have originated from the bible, one of Noah's grandson's name was Cush, they were very rich and settled in Egypt after leaving Israel, the Cushites are written about extensively in the history that follows, has anyone ever heard this before? I am still doing research on this and will advise as I progress.

09/28/08 Alexander Hay Cushnie (sandra@cushnie540.freeserve.co.uk)
Comments: My grandfather was Alexander Hay Cushnie and he lived in Aberdeen. My father was George and he came to Motherwell to live after he married Sadie. I had no idea there were so many Cushnies out there!

09/03/08 david cushnie (rumac _wiz@yahoo.com)
Comments: looking forword to meeting all the cushnie family

08/20/08 Scott Cushnie (lbspike00@netzero.com)
Comments: I am glad to see a website for the cushnies to contact each other! I hope we can all have a day to meet EVERY one!

08/19/08 Scott Cushnie (Lbspike00@netzero.com)
Comments: I am the son of William Paul Cushnie and grandson of William Robert Cushnie. I knew som of my family was in Hamilton Onterio Canada and I wanted to find more. So here i am. I was born in the Mainland US.I now reside in Saint Augustine, Florida.I lived in Buffalo NY where i was raised and went to a few family reunions in hamilton as a child!I moved to Los Angelas where i lived for 8 yrs. then now i am in St. Augustine where i work as a pirate at the World Famous Fountain Of Youth.Feel free to contact me anytime by computer or phone! 904-687-6628

08/07/08 George Cushnie Jr (george@caiweb.com)
Comments: Two changes have been made to Cushnie.org. The most significant change is that a "News" button has been added to the main menu. This section will contain headlines and links to articles from newspapers around the globe that mention Cushnies. Articles will remain on the page for a couple of weeks and will then be retired. Second, the family directory has been removed. It was too difficult for me to keep it up to date and I got complaints that it increased spam for the people that were listed. Love to all the Cushnies. Please continue to post messages, even if it is just to say hi.

07/30/08 Ted Martin (martinminot@msn.com)
Comments: I am not a Cushnie, but my great aunt (Florrie Pritchard) married a Cushnie. Florrie's mother was Margaret Pritchard, Hamilton, Ontario. Just trying to get more info about that branch. Ted..........

07/08/08 Nadine Cushnie (ncush_l@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi there! It's official...there is finally a Cushnie clan that I know about. I was introduced to this site this morning by Marcia Ward. Thanks Marcia! My father's name is Garfield (Pampas) Cushnie of Golden Spring, St. Andrew, Jamaica. I love this site. It gives me a sense of joy to know that there are so many cushnies out there. I look forward to meeting or talking to you all. May your household be truely blessed!

07/07/08 Freya Cushnie (freya.cush@btinternet.com)
Comments: Hi! I'm a Cushnie too!!! I live in Scotland in the highlands and I never new that there were so many Cushnies out there! SO A BIG HALLO FROM SCOTLAND!!! Freya Christina 14 Lochcarron "Proud to be Cushnie, Proud to be Scottish(...and half German!)"

07/02/08 Phillipa Cushnie (monie_cush2003@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi this is Phillipa Cushnie. My fathers name was Lloyd Cushnie from the Golden Springs area in St Andrew. He passed away almost three years ago.I just wanted to take this oppurtunity to say I totally enjoyed the last reunion that was held in May of this year. The knowledge gained was greatly appreciated... considering I have always wanted said information on the CUSHNIES. Also I want to to thank Molly, Janice, Simone and David and all the others for the wonderful job they did. The reunion was fabulous. Oh, Thanks to you Jamie for taking D and I from one event to the next, we appreciated it.

06/25/08 rose claire cushnie -grant (rosegrant001@comcast.net)
Comments: hi we are claire,oswald,& beverly cushnie children of joseph & ida cushnie of manchester ja now in the usa anyone knows this side of the family give me a shout .

06/24/08 Lasharna Cushnie (jamlala04@yahoo.com)

06/11/08 Janice Hilsman (jhilsman@gunnallen.com)
Comments: Thanks to my lovley Cushnie Family for attending the Cushnies of So. Manchester Family & Friends Reunion, May 23rd to 26th. It was a pleasure meeting you all and you certainly made all the hard work over the 5 month planning period worth it all, it was my pleasure planning the event! May God continue to Bless you all. I will have my website set up soon so that those family members that were unable to attend can purchase the family reunion memorbilias - a 'Cushnie Reunion sling bag' and a 'Cushnie Reunion Apron'. In the meantime, please email me if you need additional information.

06/05/08 Juliet Angela Cushnie-James (julietjames_1@yahoo.com)

06/04/08 Richard C. Cushnie (richard.cushnie@comcast.net)
Comments: How do add your name to the directory? It looks like you can search, but you can't add your name.

06/03/08 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)

05/28/08 Marcia Ward (marpward@yahoo.com;mward@udcja.com)
Comments: Hi family members, just a reminder that Nathlin Cushnie, Mrs Eulalee Simon (deceased), Mrs Estella Dixon (deceased)are sisters,and brothers Harry Cushnie (deceased), Kenneth Cushnie (deceased) and Fitzroy Cushnie are all children of Lionel Cushnie (deceased).

05/28/08 Marcia Ward (marpward@yahoo.com;mward@udcja.com)
Comments: Hi Family members! the Cushnie's Family and friends Reunion was great. I am happy that my mother Nathlin Cushnie, son Rayon Ward, daughter-in-law Nicole and I could have made it. The family members and friends were all warm and sincere. Thanks to David, Simone, Janice and all the others who made '2008 reunion' a success; and Molly for the continuous historical update on the family tree. Looking forward to the next reunion, see you there. God blessings on all. Love

05/28/08 Carole Cushnie (cjcushnie@aol.com)
Comments: This past weekend my husband and I attended the Cushnie's of Southern Manchester's Family Reunion. We had a wonderful time, meeting the Cushnie's we never knew of. Hopefully, we will be able to gather again soon. It was great to be with you all.

05/25/08 Gloria Barnes-Gregory (glomay78@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hello Family, My mother is Clarissa Cushnie, daughter of Allan. It is great to know that we have so many wonderful family. May each an everyone of you be blessed.


04/29/08 John Stanley Cushnie (johncushnie@btconnect.com)
Comments: Hi to all Cushnie's. From whatever part of the great family you come from, I hope you are all well and I send best regards from Epsom Surrey UK the home of the Derby

04/05/08 Kenneth Melton (kjmelton@gmail.com)
Comments: Hello My Grand Mothers Maiden name was Estella Cushnie. She had had a Sister Margaret,and an brother Dave(David Cushnie of Moorehead City,Nc)my grand mother had an uncle named Hans Cuchnie who I think was from Scotland. My grand mother lived until her death 1n 1986 in Canonsburg,Pa she was born in 1900... Can you tell me more about my Cushnie Family ? Thanks

03/31/08 Sandra Sloan (missmac38@yahoo.com)
Comments: Greetings Cushnie family, Hope all's well with everyone. I'm daughter to Claudette (Cushnie) Thorne, daughter to Leon Abraham Cushnie, son to Edward S. Cushnie. It's great to view this site, hopefully I'll figure out who's son was Edward S. Cushnie.

03/31/08 claudette cushnie thorne (claudythor@aol)

03/28/08 Janice Cushnie Hilsman (jhilsman@gunnallen.com)
Comments: Cushnies of So. Manchester Family & Friends Reunion, May 23rd to May 26th - Please make check ($40 per adult, $17 for children under 13 years) for Sat's Dinner Dance payable to Janice M. Hilsman and mail to 608 Lake Cypress Cir., Oldsmar, FL 34677. Please indicate if you will attend Friday's Meet & Greet so that I can send you the address. Thanks and see you then, j

03/24/08 camille cushnie (kelly_1995@yahoo.com)
Comments: My name is camille born in stony hill st.andrew.Now living in N.Y I am 10 years old Just want to say Hi to my wonderful family. It great to know about you all

03/20/08 Juliet Angela Cushnie-James (julietjames_1@yahoo.com)

03/14/08 Jennifer Cushnie Chin-Young (jchinyoung@yahoo.com)
Comments: My Dear Relatives,Please help me locate a long lost cousin,Hilroy Saint Gladston Brooks. He migrated to England some time in the 1970's. He is the grand son of Joseph Cushnie (deceased)who lived on Woodrow Street in the Jones Town, Kingston, Jamaica. I would also love to make contact with Uncle Joe's children. They are Glen, Evon, Sharon. I think there were other children but I dont remember their names. Uncle Joe's wife was called Miss Haye. I really would love make contact with them all.

03/13/08 Juliet Angela Cushnie-James (julietjames_1@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi all, great website keep up the good work.

03/13/08 Juliet Cushnie James (julietjames_1@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hello to all my relatives! It's really great that we can maintain contact through this medium. I am a proud member of the Cushnie clan. I am looking forward to the family reunion in May. I wish for you all God's richest blessings.

03/11/08 Jennifer Cushnie Chin-Young (jchinyoung@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hello my relatives! It is truly wonderful that the Cushnies have established "relationship" and are maintaining contact. This is a fantistic example of what family is all about. I am looking forward to the reunion in May. I wish for you all God's richest blessings.

03/09/08 Claire Stavrum Cushnie (gccusnie@verizon.net)
Comments: I love to visit this site!

02/24/08 Dorien (dimples) Smith nee Walker (dorien.leonard@linuxmail.org)
Comments: I am dorien the sixth child of the late Esmie Walker neeCushnie who passed away on the 19th January. Reading this web site has helped me to feel close to my family all over the world.



02/21/08 Dwayne A Cushnie (urissue@live.com)
Comments: Hello,my family how are you doing? I have always wanted to know more about my wider family which to my knowledge we are not many, well now I think the chance is here to know more...

02/17/08 carole cushnie (ccushnie@gmail.com)
Comments: Once again, updating my email. Hope that everyone is having a great new year...

02/17/08 James Cushnie (jimcushnie@gmail.com)
Comments: i never knew there was so many Cushnie's...

02/05/08 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Please see the Calendar of Events for more information on the Cushnie Family & Friends Reunion on May 23-26, 2008. See you there!

02/05/08 Janice Cushnie Hilsman (jhilsman@gunnallen.com)
Comments: The time has come for The Cushnie Family & Friends Reunion. The Cushnies of Southern Manchester will host the family reunion, May 23rd to May 26th at the Courtyard Marriott, Cypress Creek, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Kindly go to the 'Events' and see the updated information. Hope to see you all there. May God continue to Bless each of you, Peace & Love, Janice on behalf of the Cushnie Family.

01/25/08 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Esmie (Mimi) Verona Cushnie Walker, 93 years old, joined her deceased husband (Adolphus Alfonso Walker, former Deputy Mayor of Kingston, Jamaica (late 50s-60s), Councilor for Central St. Andrew, Justice of the Peace and successful businessman) on Saturday, January 19, 2008. She was the eldest daughter of Edward Cushnie and Elise Marie Hylton Cushnie of Above Rocks, St. Catherine. She leaves behind six children: Trevor (wife Merle) (USA.); Phylis (Canada); Mrs. Dorien (Dimples) Smith (husband Leonard) (UK); Lansford (wife Yvonne) (Canada); Miles (wife Jackyline) (USA); and Mrs. Linda (Molly) Esty (husband Clive) (Canada); daughter-in-law Rema (Cherrie), Tammy, Kathy and son-in-law Owen; grand, great, and great great grandchildren; numerous nieces, nephews, grand, great, and great great grandnieces and nephews; other relatives and friends. She was predeceased by sons: Carlton, Aubrey, Ivor, Donovan (Ricky) and daughter Mrs. Gloria Patricia (Cher) Clarke. She was warm hearted, hospitable, generous, independent, with a wonderful sense of humor, and devoted to her church and family. She was known for her excellent designing abilities. She was health conscious and some of us wondered if she had found the fountain of youth as she could read without glasses, had an unlined skin and looked much, much younger than her chonological age. She lived in Canada for many years. Following the 2005 Cushnie family reunion in Canada, she decided to return to the land of her birth, Jamaica. She lived with her beloved niece, Vodlyn (June) Cushnie McIntosh, in St. Elizabeth, until recently. Funeral services will take place at Andrews Memorial Church, Hope Road, Kingston on Thursday, January 31, 2008, at 10:00 a.m. Internment will be at Dovecot. Molly

01/23/08 Fitzroy Ricardo Escoffery (fitz7may@netscape.net)

01/17/08 Susan Oliver (fern1111@btopenworld.com)
Comments: Hi my name is Sue and I am interested in contacting a Helen Cushnie from the Perth Dundee area in Scotland. Helen would be residing in this area about Sept of 1954. I would like to exchange correspondance. I believe this may be her maiden name and I am not sure of the correct spelling of her surname. If anyone can advise me of her location now I would appreciate this.

01/14/08 Brenda Cushnie (bjcush1@hot.mail.com)
Comments: Hello Cushnie clan I have been delinquent and heve not made contact for quite some time but let me wish you all a very happy and prosperous love year here from Jamaica.

01/14/08 Janet Morris (jarcush@yahoo.ca)
Comments: Hello All please see Calendar of Events for changes to Janet's Birthday Bash.

01/13/08 Richard Churchill Cushnie (richard.cushnie@comcast.net)
Comments: Greetings to all the Cushnie family. My Great Grandfather was David Park Cushnie, and my Grandfather was Richard Maize Cushnie. My father was also named David. I know there might not be a connection, but my wife and I had a great trip to Scotland and to the "Cushnie" parish church. Beautiful location and charming church. No Cushnie's in the cementary, however. Where did our folks come from specifically, and when did our side of the Cushnie family arrive in the US? Any brief history will be appreciated.

01/04/08 Michael Cushnie (mykalcushnie@aol.com)
Comments: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE FAMILY!!! ARE WE GONNA HAVE ANY RENUIONS IN JAMAICA ANYTIME SOON? oh also, are there any family members who are in the media/entertainment industry...gimmie a call (876.509.0602)

12/27/07 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: SAVE THE DATE: Our next family reunion will be in Florida, Ft. Lauderdale/Boca Raton area, near or on the beach, weekend of May 23-26, 2008. It is being hosted by Janice Cushnie-Morgan Hilsman originally from South Manchester. Please email Janice at JHilsman@GunnAllen.com, as soon as possible to let her know if you will be able to attend. This will help in the planning process. The invitation is on the Page under Calendar of Events. It would be great to see everyone again for a happy occasion. Molly

12/27/07 Janice Morgan Hilsman (jhilsman@gunnallen.com; jhilsman@tampabay.rr.com)
Comments: I understand that there are some Cushnies in Silver Sands, Duncans, Trealwny, Jamaic......Blue Moon, does any of you know them:

12/27/07 Molly (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: To Dear George, Snr. and Claire: Congratulations on your anniversary! May the past happy memories be a prelude to future memories. Happy Anniversary! Best Love to George, Jnr. who created this wonderful web page to honor both of you. My love also to Beverley and family and George Jnr.'s family. To Cushnies everywhere A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. God Bless us everyone! Much Love, Molly

12/23/07 Dr. Leif Rivera (leif.rivera@us.army.mil)
Comments: Leif A. Rivera, son of Leo Rivera, son of Dorritt Cushnie from Kingston Jamaica and Inez Rivera from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. My Mom's side is from Sundsvaal, Sweden. I reside in Atlanta, GA(US Army) with my wife Martina, son Noah (16 mths) and my Mom. I am now serving as Deputy Surgeon for the Georgia Army National Guard. Happy Holidays to all of my family. It's nice to see the representation of culture and diversity in our family. We are a shining example of multi-cultural unity. Let's all try our best to make it to the next reunion in Feb 2008 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I'd love to meet my extended family and not have to call them "extended" anymore. Peace...>

12/19/07 Sandrana Nichols (sandrana_nichols@yahoo.com)
Comments: I'm wondering if I'm related to some of the Nichols here. My Grandparents is Author Nichols and Dorothy Nichols. My dads' name is Donovan Nichols. Some of the Nichols come from St. Thomas. I would like to meet the Nichols.

12/13/07 Dr Nick Hervey (nick.hervey@slam.nhs.uk)
Comments: Sorry if anyone has triedn to contact me recently but I have a changed email address. Woulkd still be interested in any of Mary Ann Morison's (nee Cushnie) Cushnie relatives in Jamaica, especially those linked to the Windsor Castle Plantation

12/09/07 David Cushnie (simbrit13@bellsouth.net)
Comments: I am also a Cushnie from South Manchester, Jamaica. My parents are Henry and Lillian Cushnie. I have a brother Leslie and sisters Daphnie and Viris (all living in the US). Look forward to meeting all of you soon.

12/07/07 "Coming Soon Bash" (jarcush@yahoo.ca)
Comments: To all Cushnies and friends of the Cushnies would anyone be interested in a Cruise get together to celebrate a senior birthday bash in May 2008.On the 11th May the vessel Freedom of the Sea departs from Miami for a 7 day cruise. Any interests please check out CruiseCheap website for information and feed back to this site so an entry can be placed in the events section.

12/07/07 Janice Morgan Hilsman (jhilsman@gunnallen.com)
Comments: This is a joyous day! Thanks to Molly Cushnie and Jennifer Chin-Young for sharing this 'cushnie' website with me. My mom is Janet Cushnie and our side is from Cross Keys, Manchester.......

12/02/07 Barbara Cushnie-Brown (bizzib@cwjamaica.com)
Comments: So sorry to hear about the recent passing of our dear Matriarch, Daisy Cushnie, who was 92 years old. She was the sister of Arthur Cushnie who predeceased her. Condolence to all her close family. May her soul rest in peace.

11/30/07 david smith(cushnie) (dcsmiff@telus.net)
Comments: I too am a cushnie owing to the amazing granma Jess Cushnie who I refer to as BUD with love god loves you all

11/28/07 Kevin Howland-Rose (kevin@howland-rose.com)
Comments: My Grandmother was Muriel Cushnie of Northern Ireland. She suggested that Her Grandfather was Robert Cushnie of Aberdeen, son of Alexander Orme Cushnie who moved to Aberdeen a refugee of the French revolution. I wonder if this is the same tree?

11/22/07 Janet Morris (ja )
Comments: Hoping that the spirit of Thanksgiving will bring you all much love,joy and happiness always.A blessed Thanksgiving.Janet

11/19/07 phillip cushnie (p_cush2001@yahoo.com)

10/25/07 Jennifer Chin-Young (jchinyoung@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi to the Cushnie Clan. I too am a Cushnie. I reside in Jamaica. I am the daughter of Stanley Cushnie, (deceased)of Cross Keys, Manchester, Jamaica West Indies. I have two sisters, Lorna Cushnie-Nelson,(USA); Juliet Cushnie-James (JAMAICA) I am very passionate about our name- Cushnie. I would love to communicate with relatives, and for us to have a grand union/re-union.

10/24/07 paul cushnie (pcushnie@cormon.com)
Comments: Hi i'm a Cushnie TOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

10/17/07 Mickie Magan (magnum@smartchat.net.au)
Comments: Hi, Im trying to find some information about my step brother Charlie Cushniw. Last known address was Newcastle-on- Tyne England. His mother was Jean whomarried my father Gerard McMorrow. They lived in Fintry in Dundee Scotland.Charlie was married to Agnes I think. He tracked me down in Australia some 20 years ago, and we lost touch. If you have any information I would be so grateful. Many Thanks

10/15/07 Elizabeth Leticia Margret Cushnie (Forsythefamily@telus.net)
Comments: Hi there Cushnie's Glad to know there are so Many of Us! i am the Daughter of Wilfred Alexander Cushnie in British Columbia. Hope to one day make the trip to the UK to meet more of you!!!

09/06/07 George Cushnie (george@caiweb.com)
Comments: Congratulations Kym!!! Good luck with the next phase of college.

09/04/07 KymYvette (kymyvett@optonline.net)
Comments: Hello, Family! Just wanted to let you know, that I graduated, and now working towards my Ph.D in Public Health...

08/18/07 Michael Ho-Shing (maho505@msn.com)
Comments: Son of Yvonne Cushnie Nicholson

08/16/07 George Cushnie Jr. (george@caiweb.com)
Comments: Just a reminder that the Cushnie website has a calendar of events feature that family and friends are free to use. From our home page click on Communicate and then on Calendar of Events. Anyone can add or edit an event. Use this calendar to enter birthdays, anniversaries, gatherings, or whatever you want. The event will disappear from the calendar automatically when the "thru" date arrives. To add an event, click on [Add an Event]. Then fill out the form. Be certain to enter the start and end dates in the requested format (MM-DD-YY). In the bottom box of the form, you can add as much information as you want. Enter the text in html, if you know how. Let me know if you need any assistance. Each "event" is automatically assigned a number (shows up in calendar under the event name). If you want to edit an event, click on [Edit an Event] and enter the number of the event you want to edit.

08/14/07 Sharon (Cushnie) Marks (sharon.marks@att.com)
Comments: Hi family! I visited Pepper and Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica recently and found Allan Cushnie, father of Angella Cushnie. They were from (mmm...don't remember) but moved to Pepper years ago. They didn't know my father, Leon. Ms. Moll, I'll call you later!

08/11/07 shanna cushnie (shacushnie201@tmail.com)
Comments: WOW...I didn't know all that history about being a cushnie...it was such a great learning experience.

06/03/07 carole cushnie (ccushnie)
Comments: Just updating my email address. Keep up the good work...

05/30/07 Amber (amber.cushnie@gmail.com)
Comments: I don't know much about the previous generations past my grandparents. I was just wondering if there was someone I should contact if/when I do get any information as to how I fit into the Cushnie family? Also, I am from Pickering, Ontario, Canada. I am 19 years old, and going to start university at the University of Toledo in the fall. I am a distance runner (track and cross country). I would love to meet any of you. :) I want to know more about my family history.

05/30/07 Amber Cushnie (amber.cushnie@gmail.com)
Comments: Hey fellow Cushnies!! I never knew we had a website, I am very impressed with the organization of this family.

05/30/07 dionne (cushnied@yahoo.com)
Comments: whoo i love the cushnie family we are like so totaly awsome and i am 11

05/20/07 Oliver (olivermc61@yahoo.co.uk)
Comments: Nice to hear from my dear Aunt Molly after all these years, keep up the good work, would like to link with family in UK, so if your out there please feel free

05/14/07 Oliver George McIntyre (olivermc61@yahoo.co.uk)
Comments: Hello my name is Oliver, I am the oldest son of June,I left Jamaica in 1969, i have 2 sisters Debborah,Jackie & my brother Barrington, Barry and myself live in Tottenham & Wood Green (North London)

05/07/07 Audree Douglas (tamarsean@yahoo.co.uk)
Comments: Hi, my name is Audree and I just took the off chance of typing in cushnie and a whole world of cushnie's came up(smile) I met a Michael Cushnie about 20 years ago whilst visiting Jamaica. We corresponded for awhile but it stopped. The Michael I knew lived in Orangefield Village and he had two best friends at the time.( I know one has since passed away) I know he had family living in the USA,but never knew if he joined them. So Michael, if your out there it would be good to hear from you and see what your doing now. One Love

04/11/07 Quinn Cushnie (Quinn_Anthony81@yahoo.com)
Comments: I'm very surprised to find out the meaning of my last name and from where it is derived and that there's such a diverse group that have inherited it. Simply fantastic.

04/02/07 Alvin Cushnie (aroylouise@aol.com)
Comments: hello Cushnie family glad to see the web site is still going stong. i am the youngest son of the late arthur roy cushnie. just wanted to say hi again and encourage everyone to keep the site going. much love. a.r.c

02/15/07 phillip cushnie (p_cush2001@yahoo.com)
Comments: great site ,i am from jamaica ,my wife`s name is margaret,her name is in the directory,she is also in one of the photograph ,of the trip to jamaica ,i will be visiting here most often ,you can send me e- mails ,thank you all

01/14/07 Michael Cushnie (mlearjetcushnie@yahoo.com)
Comments: To all wonderful Family members...it has certainly been some time since my visit here, however you are thought of, and Now may I say unto you A most fulfilling year 2007 to you all; claim health, Life, wealth and enlightenment and allow your "DNA" (Devine Nature Activated)to manifest in all its plendour!! Sincerely, "mikeyC"

12/27/06 Anna-kae Mais (aamais_03@yahoo.com)
Comments: My mother and of course aunt grand-aunts and uncles are cushnie, I am so proud to be associated.

12/15/06 chantel cushnie (02cushnie@cityacademybristol.sch.uk)
Comments: hi my name in chantel and i am from jamaica ,it was intresting to know about other cushnie's which i thought wasn't a very common name.now i know there are other cushnie's out there apart from the family i know.

12/08/06 Sheila Beattie (Sheilabeattie@skivolution.co.uk)
Comments: Father John Cushnie wife Bessie Lived in Pitlochry, George & Joyce Cushnie visited Pitlochry regularly

12/04/06 Edward F.Cushnie (ysae104662000@yahoo.com)
Comments: My name is Edward F.Cushnie son of Leon Abraham Cushnie and Ivy Folkes of which my dad had three children was born in Kingston,Jamaica of which this day some family members who is very important. How can a tree be a tree without it's branches. My Brother and my sister wishes to be included in this family tree: Delroy george Spencer Cushnie,Laverne Enid Cushnie.

11/14/06 Kathy Mattinson (kathymattinson@gmail.com)
Comments: Thank You for sharing your fmaily and its history , I really enjoyed the journey . Such a lovely family . In Love and Light of our Creator Foreverfree AKA Kathy

11/04/06 Russ Donlan (Donlanrod@bellsouth.net)
Comments: Remember me? from Va. Tech? currently a microbiologist at the CDC in Atlanta, Ga

11/02/06 H. Lee Brumback II (hlxakbrumback@mail.com)
Comments: Wondering if anyone has ever heard of Marjorie Davidson who worked for the Ministry of Agriculture during 1963-64 when I was serving at Spaldings, Jamaica as a Peace Corps Volunteer. She was my contact person for the work I was doing in strawberry research and development for Jamaica

09/14/06 matt goad (ukblue31@yahoo.com)
Comments: My great grandma was a cushnie and came from the first line of cushnies in scotland. My aunt has done some family tree and research and there was a Kirk that the family owned and there was also a famous ballerina - names and details can be provided.

09/13/06 Jerome Cushnie (cushniejc@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hello all, My name is Jerome Cushnie Grandson of Lloyd Cushnie Who traveled from Jamaica, the U.S. and now lives in Toronto (Canada) I dont know anyone other than him but i know we have relatives in the states and Jamaica. My brother is Jamaal Cushnie and we wouldn't mind an email with info on the family history. Thanks! my email:cushniejc@yahoo.com

09/12/06 winsome watson thomas (kelwin58@msn.com)
Comments: my grandfather ismeal watson went to cuba inthe late 40s-50s he is from the district of kilmarnock,st. elizabeth in jamaica west indies He had five children sent out to jamaica from cuba. He got married in cuba and never returned to jamaica. Ivy ronald lester and i forgot the names of the others were the children. please help me to find anything about this person. most of the children are living in westmoreland bigwoods district with the aunt which now deaceased.

09/11/06 winsome thomas (kelwin58@msn.com)
Comments: my namme is winsome thomas maiden name watson, my grandfather ismael watson leave jamaica suposinly went to cuba got married, had five children sent back to jamaica in the 1930s from then nobody heard anything from him. please help me

09/04/06 Amy Lennane (aclennane@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hello All, I'm in search of the family of Helen Cushnie who married James Craig in 1863, Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland. Helen was born 19 October 1840 in Whitebruntland, Portlethen, Kincardine, Scotland and died 22 July 1919 in St. Nicholas, Aberdeen. According to her marriage certificate her parents were James Cushnie and Margaret Masson (deceased). I understand that father James may have been born in Durris c.1798. Also, Helen Cushnie had a brother, James, b. 26 Nov 1838, possibly a sister, Christian, b.c. 1834,and according to a Will I found "half sisters" named Christina Petrie Stuart, and Margaret Stuart who were born c.1831 and 1834. I have not been able to find any info on Helen's parents or siblings. Any of you Cushnies heard of my people? Any help appreciated. Thanks! Amy

08/30/06 Shamoinca Arnold(Shaw) (sharnold91@aol.com)
Comments: Hey family, it's me Shamonica. Just saying hello to everyone.

08/23/06 Joon (na@hotmail.com)
Comments: Great site. I will bookmark for my sons to view as well!!!

08/22/06 carol grant (khleo2real10@yahoo.com)
Comments: former miss st andrew 1974

08/21/06 Norman C. Cowan (cowan@honduras.com)
Comments: I am a great great grandson, on my mother's side, of MARY ANN CHRISTIANA CLARKE, born somewhere in Jamaica, around December 25, 1837. she was married to WILLIAM TEGART of Ireland, and probably lived in New York City, and Angelica, NY. I know nothing about her parents, or, if she had siblings. Can anyone help me? Please rsvp/asap. Thank you. Sincerely yours. Norman C. Cowan

08/19/06 ALLAN CUSHNIE (camachmore200)
Comments: Helo to all the cushnies every where just to let my dear wife know that i will be be back home soon to scotland fom west Africa cant wait

08/17/06 Dr Nick Hervey (nick@herveys.demon.co.uk)
Comments: Sorry I have not been on this site for ages, but I am still writing the biography of Sir Alexander Morison who married Mary Ann Cushnie whose cousins all lived in Jamaica. If anyone has historical details about the Cushnies in Jamaica from 1780 to 1870 I would be very interested.

08/17/06 Devon (dcushnie@yahoo.com)
Comments: As promised earlier in the year, I will be visiting Milton of Cushnie and Leochel Cushnie this very weekend and hope to take some digital photos to share. Incidentally, someone else seems to have made an entry onthis site, using my exact, full name. If this is a genuine coincidence, I would ask the 'other' Devon Cushnie to get directly in touch with me, please. Blessings to all!

08/06/06 Molly (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Dear Ruth: We do know of Eddie's son. The family usually meet at family gatherings, weddings and funerals. I believe he is the one who attended Mount St. Michael? Please ask him. Eddie is my first cousin, Leon (deceased) and my father George (deceased) were brothers. Elise Marie Hylton Cushnie was our grandmother. She was married to Edward Cushnie. Perhaps Eddie was named for our grandfather, Edward. I am not sure. I have said all that to say this: This young man is very much a part of our family. We know him and love him. Give him my regards, Aunt Molly

08/05/06 Ruth (rcol192510@aol.com)
Comments: Dear Sir or Madam, I met a student recently at Hampton University, he said his father's name was Edward Cushnie, son of Leon Cushnie. His grandmother's name was Elize Cushnie. He has an uncle in Canada by the name of Delroy Cushnie. His father lives in Virginia Beach, VA. I was searching the family history and their names are not mentioned in the family history.

07/30/06 devon a cushnie (perplexedd@aol.com)
Comments: anyone heard from oswald lloyd cushnie,from orangefield village,ewarton jamaica or michael lloyd cushnie his son?both migrated to the usa

07/13/06 Heather (hbrandy@netzero.com)
Comments: I've got quite a bit of family in Scottland - have no idea how to find & I haved longed to develop contact ALL MY LIFE! My Father, Thomas Ranking Milne and grandparents, John Smith Milne & Helen Brand Milne (Mitchell) (brother Frank Mitchell) are from Edenborough/Glassgow. Could you give me any guidance/suggestions? Also, I will wed the man of my dreams on 8/19/06 and I am trying to acquire authentic "Heather of the Hills" for my head wreath). Any Help would be greatly apprecioated! Sincerely, Heather Brand Milne P.O. Box 561082 Rockledge, FL 32956 (321) 506-1169 hbrandy@netzero.com

07/03/06 Allan cushnie (camachmore200@yahoo.com)
Comments: Helo and a warm welcome from me and my family from blairgowrie perthshire scotland hope all you cushnies are all very happy and stay happy where ever you are

06/27/06 Billy Cushnie (Jimm5511@yahoo.co.uk)
Comments: Interested in talking with other Cushnies

06/22/06 Leah Cushnie (leah@wline.com.au)
Comments: Hi from Australia. Married to George Cushnie the son of George and Joyce Cushnie from Dundee, Scotland. Interesting to see this site - so many Cushnie's

06/14/06 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi Stacy-Ann: That's wonderful news! Congratulations! I am here in Jamaica and will definitely give you a call. I am so glad I visited on the web site to see your happy news. We should celebrate. Lots of love. Molly

06/09/06 Stacy-Ann Cushnie (fxyyanique@yahoo.com)
Comments: Greetings and warmest blessings to all Cushnies! I'd like to everyone that I have been successful in passing my final exams in medical school and took my Hippocratic oath and pledge yesterday. I thank those that encouraged me during my years of studies and am looking forward to the rest of my lifes journey.

05/08/06 James Balitsos (jimdiray@hotmail.com)
Comments: Trying to locate somebody names Jeffrey Stephen Balitsos, born August 29, 1971 in New York City. Also Raylene Lindsey Brown, born in Indianapolis on October 5, 1958.

05/04/06 Nicole Bey (nicolebey49@msn.com)
Comments: I am looking for relatives who should still reside in Jamaica. Chinese-Jamaican decendents of Yu (male chinese industrial worker born betweeen 1830-1860).

03/28/06 Devon Cushnie (dacushnie@hotmail.com)
Comments: Warm Cushnie greetings to everyone. Just to let everyone know that I have returned to the UK, having lived in New Jersey for the past five years and hopefully I will now be able to catch up with the Cushnies here, at home. I am particularly keen to revisit the picturesque Leochel Cushnie and Milton of Cushnie, so if anyone is able to liaise with me for this I would appreciate it. Oh!In addition to Andre and Lauryn, there is now a recently added Desiree Jada Cushnie. Best regards Molly.

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03/21/06 Sherwin Barnes (barnesSh@trinity-health.org)
Comments: Hello Cushnies! Someone pleeeease help me with this link. My G-Grandmother's name was Louisa Cushnie, she was married to Ennis Reid Jr. and hail from Marley Hill near Calabash Bay in South Manchester, Jamaica. Does anyone have Cushnie roots in South Manchester that recognize those names? Together Louisa and Ennis Reid had 12 children. Louisa's parents were ? Cushnie and Jessie Cushnie. She had two brothers, Fred and James Cushie and two sisters, Martha and Charlotte Cushnie. I got this information from "Aunt Jess" (Jessie Ann Reid-Thompson b.1905 d.1994 Mandeville Jamaica) she was the eleventh child born to the union of Louisa Cushnie-Reid and Ennis Reid Jr. Much thanks in advance!

03/21/06 Alice LUmsdenBrown (albrown@futura,net)

03/18/06 Norman C. Cowan (normanclarencecowan@honduras.com)
Comments: I am looking for information, about my Jamaican born great great grandmother, Mary Ann Christiana Clarke, born around December 25, 1837 She married a William Tegart, some where in New York State, and they lived in Angelica, New York. (Where she died, and is buried).

03/11/06 suzanne lim (kitchencorporal@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi everyone! I am sooo very excited to find this site! I am wondering if anyone can give me any help here. My great-grandmother was rumoured to have the maiden name of Cushnie. Her first name was Ada and she married James Reid of Manchester, Jamaica, subsequently having 16 children. My grandfather Ernest was one of them. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I would be thrilled to know about this side of my heritage. Thanks for your help. Suzanne

03/01/06 James Balitsos (jimdiray@hotmail.com)
Comments: Looking for a duplicate birth certificate for the following person: Jeffrey Stephen Balitsos Born: Doctor's Hospital, NY August 29, 1971 Mother's name: Raylene Lindsey Balitsos

02/22/06 atai nyambi (atainyambi@netscape.net)
Comments: This is so awesome to learn about our freinds, Gorge and Leslie and the Cushnie family. Our daughter played on the same AAU basketball team with Christy and against her high school!!!! How exciting! Atai

02/20/06 winsome watson thomas (kelwin58@msn.com)
Comments: Hello: I was on your site and i have seen where you help others. Very Good. Can you help me find my grandfather Ismeal watson who was born in Jamaica West Indies amd migrated to Cuba in the 50 ties, got married there had five children sent back to jamaica west indies. One of the daughter's name is Ivy watson and harold watson.

02/06/06 KymYvette Jackson (kymyvett@optonline.net)
Comments: Hello! I hope everyone is well! I have been awaiting the photos from the Canada reunion, I hope they will be posted, soon! I hope George Sr is doing better... Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year and the New Month. Remember to utilize Black History Month, but conducting research into your heritage, because you never know what you will find out... Good Luck!

01/24/06 Tobias Warhol (the_mystic23@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi, I'm still loving this site. I'm the life partner of Khalil Nichols of East Orange NJ. We are planning our committment ceremony and would love to invite as much of the Cushnie family as possible. Please contact me at my email to RSVP. Toby

12/31/05 Kathleen Cushnie (k.cushnie@bigfoot.com)
Comments: I wish you all a Happy New Year!

12/29/05 Carole Cushnie (lilc_c@hotmail.com)
Comments: Hi! I live in Toronto and was quite surprise to come across this website. Way to go and keep it up. It is nice knowing that the Cushnie clan is quite large.

12/16/05 Emily Cushnie (ekc8n@virginia.edu)
Comments: Hello all you Cushnies! I am the daughter of George Jr. and Leslie Cushnie from Virginia... and the grandaughter of George Sr. and Claire Cushnie... and wanted to say hello, as i have not been an active cushnie.org contributor in the past. i am in graduate school at the Univsersity of Virginia and send my love to all the family!

11/21/05 wilfred Cushnie (wilf.cushnie@shaw.ca)
Comments: nice to see everyone getting together. I am out here in West Vancouver B. C. and can be contacted at number 604-666-6144 .... Wilf.

11/08/05 UZOAGBA (UZOAGBA@yahoo.com)

11/07/05 Sandra Forster (kowhai51@yahoo.com.au)

10/26/05 John Minto (Babemker@yahoo.com)
Comments: Bill and Hugh please call your brother John @203-379-3003.

10/26/05 John Minto (Babemker@yahoo.com)
Comments: see last note.

10/26/05 John Minto (Babemker@yahoo.com)
Comments: I am John,son of Robert Ivan and alice Brown-Minto of Lime Tree Garden St.Ann...I am trying to locate my brothers,Hugh(Ging)and Neville(bill) Lloyd Minto.Last known address was abucker StAnn. If you can help me locate them I would appreciate it very much.I also had an uncle in Abucker by the of Euart Minto,brother of Satie Minto-Lamey. Thanks in advance...also my address is P.O.Box 17 Meriden, Ct.06450.

10/24/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: OOps! I should have said "approx. 70 persons attended mainly from Canada, England, U.S.A., and Jamaica." Mea culpa, mea culpa. Molly

10/10/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Clare: I am so glad to hear from you though sorry to hear that George is not well. We missed you all so much at the Toronto reunion. Approx. 70 persons attended mainly from England, U.S.A., and Jamaica. On another note, Lintz is back in LA. Lintz is a teacher and the Board of Education requested that teachers return to the classroom in LA or lose their jobs, so although Lintz had made the decision to stay in Atlanta and was job hunting, it seemed politic to return to LA. I haven't heard anything more about Rehema apart from two emails. Rehema also lived in LA. Joy very kindly sent me some photographs of the Toronto reunion for which I thank her. Trevor, my deceased sister, Yvonne's, youngest son, got married recently. I had dinner a couple of weeks ago with Sharon Cushnie and Lintz at the Atlanta airport. And Clare, for us you are a real Cushnie not just the wife of George. You are very special and dear to us and we love you all. Please take care of yourself as you continue to take care of George. Much Love, Molly

10/10/05 Janet Morris (janmorris@onetel.com)
Comments: Claire thank you so much for your entry regarding George. Sorry to hear that he is not well.Hope and pray that you will find renewed strength on a daily basis to do the job of caring for your beloved husband.Claire we missed you (Molly and Janet), Bev, George, Nathan, George jnr and Emily and the children.I am glad to have your new e-mail at earthlink. Blessings always.

10/10/05 Janet Morris (janmorris@onetel.com)
Comments: Hi Cushnies in Canada a peaceful Thanks Giving to you all and your families. Blessings always and much love.

10/08/05 Barbara Cushnie-Brown (bizzib@cwjamaica.com)
Comments: "Hello" Claire, Sorry to hear that George is not well. We are so grateful to have this site so we can communicate with each other. Hope you will be given the strength to assist him to get better soon. Will the (real George Cushnie) please stand up! By the way, is everybody still in Canada??? no report on the family reunion. Whats up Molly?? Lots of love to all Cushnies

10/08/05 Claire Cushnie (gccushnie@earthlink.net)
Comments: I haven't read what you all have had to say for quite awhile. George Cushnie (the real Cushnie) has not been well and I am the caretaker. We are the folks for whom this site was created, by our son, George C. Cushnie, Jr. and family. We are blessed with a special family throughout the world. How lucky can you be!!!

09/25/05 jayne eggett(nee cushnie) (jayneeggett@hotmail.com)
Comments: Hi Everyone. I am the daughter of Donald Cushnie twin brother of Malcom Cushnie and Eden Wade is my mother. My brother is Ian Wade Cushnie. I live in Bradford West Yorkshire UK and my mother and brother live in Pontefract West Yorkshire. Would love to hear from anyone.


09/02/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Lintz' grandmother is Dorritt Cushnie Rivera. Dorritt is the daughter of James and Christina Neita Cushnie. Lintz and other family members are staying with Leif, Lintz' brother, in Ellenwood, Atlanta.

09/02/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Another family member has also been affected by Hurricane Katrina. She is Rehema, granddaughter of Annie and Enos Cushnie, and the first child of Myrtle Cushnie Jackson. Her home was flooded, and last I heard from her, she was in Lafayette, LA. Please keep her and others in your prayers. Her email address is journee2@aol.com.

09/02/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Dear Family: Lintz, a member of our family, is currently in Ellenwood, Atlanta. Lintz is a teacher. She currently has only the clothes on her back. She is a size 8 in pants/skirts. She needs some clothes. I am not sure of her shoes size. If you can be of any help, please contact her at queenieyenta@aol.com. She thanks us for our prayers.

08/31/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: I just received an email from Lintz Rivera in New Orleans, where Hurricane Katrina hit. Lintz is of Cushnie descent. She is safe. The East, where she lives, is under water. Lintz evacuated late Saturday night and managed to beat the traffic and problems. She is fine and staying in Baton Rouge. Our prayers are with her and all the people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

08/03/05 Robert Cushnie (robert@findlayfarm.co.uk)
Comments: Interesting site, I particularaly liked the history of the name. I live less than 40 minutes from the small town of Cushnie which is located in the Grampian, Scotland. A very picturesque place to visit. Keep up the site as I will visit it again now I know of its existance, Robert

07/28/05 Ian Miller (millerir@yahoo.com)
Comments: Thanks for making Cushnie 2005, Toronto, Canada a tremendous success.

07/20/05 Ian Miller (millerir@yahoo.com)
Comments: Just found out about a good deal at http://www.centreisland.ca/promotions.html. Experience Heaven & Earth for only $41 (tax incl., value $66) you get: A Centreville All Day Ride Pass CN Tower Observation Experience (Look Out & Glass Floor Levels) A Toronto Tours 1 Hour Harbour & Island Cruise Valid from April 30 to Sept. 5, 2005

07/20/05 Ian Miller (millerir@yahoo.com)
Comments: Due to technical difficulties we have to change sundays schedule. Church at 8 a.m and the picnic will be at 10 on the island. the BBQ will be at 6 p.m to give people some time to recover.

07/18/05 Latoya Cushnie (latoya_cu@yahoo.ca)

07/14/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Here is the schedule for the Family Reunion on July 23-26th, 2005 in Toronto, Canada: Saturday, July 23rd, 2005 6:00 p.m. Dinner and Entertainment St. Paul's Church, 3333 Finch Avenue, East Scarborough, Ontario, M1W2R9. Catered dinner. Donation CA$15.00 per person, children under 12 years no cost. Payment for the evening will be accepted at the event. Final numbers to the caterers by Friday, July 15th. Sunday, July 24th, 2005 10:00 a.m. Morning Service, St. Paul's Church, address same as above. 2:00 p.m. Meet at the Ferry for the Centre Island picnic at 3:00 p.m. Monday, July 25th, 2005 4:00 p.m. BBQ at Ian's House, (Tel: 9058582032) Tuesday, July 26th, 2005: Trip to Niagara Falls. If you need rooms at Howard Johnson, a limited number are available. Call at once. See website for details. If you would like a Cushnie Family Reunion T-shirt at a cost of approx. CA$6.00, please email me the size. See website for details. We are excited about this Reunion and look forward to seeing you all. Molly

07/13/05 Jamaal Cushnie (cushniej@hotmail.com)
Comments: So many CUSHNIE'S wow i don't know how i found this site but i found it anyways my name is Jamaal im 18 and I live in Toronto im lookin forward to seeing everyone at the family reunion in Toronto..That should be fun...

07/12/05 Ian Miller (millerir@yahoo.com)
Comments: The dead line for the cushnie 2005 t shirt order has long passed. if there are any family members that need t shirts please let me know ASAP. the cost is $6 plus taxes for S- XL. XXL will cost $2 more. We have been given a 15 day lead time to order additional shirt if needed. if you need shirts please order today.

06/23/05 Ian Miller (millerir@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hotel rooms are going fast. If you havent booked a room and need one for the upcoming reunion, please do so today. All the original booking are now invalid due to no family members booking rooms. We are in a catch 22 having booked the reunion close to caribana. In that this is the peak seson for rooms. through hard work and hand twisting we are lucky to get 5 rooms back at the Howard Johnson. The number to call is 1 800 714 7496 or 416 293 8171 ask for the Cushnie block for July 22 - July 26. A credit card is needed. The cut off date is three weeks before July 22nd. They ask that reservations are made as soon as possible as the cut off date is june 30th.

06/22/05 Barbara Cushnie-Brown (bizzib@cwjamaica.com)
Comments: Dear Molly, Please accept my profound sympathy at the sudden tragic passing of your dear son Donald. I am sorry I was unable to see you while you were in Jamaica but my prayers continue to be with you. Unfortunately I will not be at the Family Re-union in Canada but I extend best wishes to all. Anyone has any information on Harry Cushnie?? He was an engineer in Jamaica and died sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s. Best wishes to all Cushnies.

06/21/05 Phyllis Cushnie Walker (Llanoka@aol.com)
Comments: Dear Writers, In writing your one page please remember to include the country that each generation lived in e.g. I am Phyllis Walker and I live in Toronto, Canada. I am one of the children of Esmie Cushnie & A. Walker. They are Jamaicans and lived in Kingston, Jamaica for many years. Today, their children are scattered all over the world. I have no children but the children that I have taught over the years have become my children. This is a start & if I had had children I would be including their ages & whether they are still in school or gone off on various career paths. I trust that this letter will be a catalyst to all who wish to write their one pager. Sincerely, Phyllis Cushnie

06/19/05 Joy Stephens (jamjoy66@hotmail.com)
Comments: Just visiting to find out more information about the family reunion in Toronto.

06/19/05 Rehema (REMYJC7@AOL.COM)
Comments: Greetings once again...I am (still)(smile)..Rehema....granddaughter of Annie/Enos Cushnie...first born daughter of Myrtle Cushnie Jackson...niece of Doris Cushnie Collins....first cousin of Msfundishi Massi...second cousin of Khalil Massi....and the rest of the Massi/Nichols children....Since finding about this site on 6/17/05 I have been in contact with my favorite cousin (almost like a brother) Mfundishi and his son Khalil....Bonni...Malik...and the rest of the Massi/Nichols family...feel free to contact me...I have photos you might like to see... Be Blessed.... Rehema

06/17/05 Rehema (REMYJC7)
Comments: Hello: I am Rehema... grandaughter of Annie & Enos Cushnie...first born daughter of Myrtle Cushnie Jackson...niece of Doris Cushnie Collins....Greetings to all!

06/16/05 Ian Miller (millerir@yahoo.com)
Comments: TIME WAITS FOR NO-ONE! Toronto is where you want to be June 23rd, 2005 How? Via your story & all your paper work they should be here and on time! Do it today, don't delay! I need your paperwork...send them in today! The Cushnie booklet awaits your one page that is not a lot to write about you & your FAMILY... JULY 23rd, is almost HERE! Urging you to action...Phyllis Cushnie Walker

06/15/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: The Cushnie Family Reunion will take place on July 23-26, 2005. We are finalizing plans for the occasion. We need to confirm numbers of attendees with the Catererer for Saturday night, July 23rd. Please therefore confirm your attendance at the Gathering, if you have not done so already by emailing me. I particularly need to know the numbers who plan to attend the dinner as well as the picnic. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to having a really great time in Toronto. Best love, Molly


05/21/05 Janet Morris (janmorris@onetel.com)
Comments: My heartfelt sympathy to Molly, Ruddy, June,Zona, Shamonica and all the extended families of Donald and all his children. Molly may you realise that we all loved Don but God loves him best. May his soul forever rest in peace and may light perpetual shine on him.From all the Richardson family.

05/19/05 Wilfred Alexander Cushnie (richcushnie@shaw.ca)
Comments: Would someone please tell me how to edit some of the information that is in this site. There is some very embarassing and incorrect information that needs to be deleted or corrected including photographs and other written statements and information that was put into this site without my knowledge or permission. Please leave me a message or call me at my office or cell number in British Columbia Canada -- 604-666-6144 office or cell at 604-787-0546. Thanks - Wilf. Cushnie

05/18/05 angie (ruth_ward_2000@yahoo.com)
Comments: My condolences goes out to Molly as she mourns the loss of her beloved son who went toe meet the maker 5/17/05. Molly we are here for you. love angie

05/16/05 Shari Robinson (ririangel87@aol.com)
Comments: Hello i am the daughter of Sharon Cushnieand the grandchild of Arthur Roy Cushnie Sr. he lived in jamaica, its really nice to see that there is a website devoted to the Cushnie name, i hope to meet with you all really soon. God Bless

05/11/05 Andre' Cushnie (Andrecushnie@msn.com)
Comments: My name is Andre' Cushnie and i am determined to be a soccer player.I am one of the only Cushnie to be brought up for 5 years in Luton.

05/08/05 Tim and Bonnie Cushnie (cushniesoutpost@aol.com)
Comments: Hello we reside in Ontario a home in Hamilton. We heard about this web site and are curious to find out more.

04/22/05 bonni nichols (bonifah21@hotmail.com)
Comments: just checking out website

04/11/05 judith minto (deancarlos.pearson@ntlworld,com)
Comments: We are Judith and Sharon Minto the Grandaugter's of Katherine Richardson and John Richardson ( deceased) of Hope road, Kingston, Jamacia. We are the daughter's of Dodsie Minto Nee Richardson. Hopefully soon we may be able to meet the many of you that we don't know.

04/07/05 Uzoagba (Uzoagba@yahoo.com)

04/06/05 Fitzroy Escoffery (fitz7may@netscape.net)
Comments: My father Huntley Lloyd Escoffery we now live in london, from St Andrews Jamaica

03/27/05 glenroy walker (flyingtiger41@hotmail.com)
Comments: my father is walker from grenada,it is said his great grand father charlie walker was from scotland, where do i fit in , like to know

03/24/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: 2005 Cushnie Family Reunion: Thank you for your many responses by voice and email. There is a lot of excitement around the upcoming Cushnie Family Gathering in Toronto on July 23-26, 2005. We will be sending out a communique shortly giving further details of the Gathering. We will then appreciate it if you would respond. This will help us in the planning process. In the meantime Love to All and Have a Blessed Easter. Molly

03/22/05 Ian Miller (millerir@yahoo.com)
Comments: To date I have had only 2 confirmed family members to the family reunion. The May 2nd dead line is not the date reply, but, the true cutoff date which we will decide wheter or not to have the reunion. Please respond today as we have to get some planning etc on the way. The closest hotel to the church I could find is Comfort INN http://choicehotels.ca/hotels/hotel?hotel=CN278#amenities cost is $89 per night if 10 or more rooms are booked. Please note there is no in house restaurant but lots of eateries nearby.

02/15/05 Marjorie Cushnie Vassell-Davidson (marjorievassell@hotmail.com)
Comments: Hi All Cushnie clan Late but best wishes to all for this still fairly " new " year. Thanks for all the good wishes. Love Marjorie and Danville. Hope we can make to this year's Canada reunion. M.

02/12/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Our continued thanks to George Jnr. Cushnie for making this medium available so that we can meet and greet each other. The website was built as a gift to his parents, George Snr. and Claire. Our love to all the family. See you in Toronto.

02/12/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Welcome to Soumayyah Morris who was born on January 13, 2005 in Damascus, Syria and weighed in at 7 lbs. Soumayyah's parents are Kevin (Arabic name Abdul Karim) and Batool Morris. Batool is Russian. Kevin is an English teacher, who was born in the U.K. but who now lives and works in Damascus. Soumayyah's grandparents on her father's side of the family are Janet Richardson Morris and Lloyd Morris. Her grgrandparents were Katherine (Kathy) Cushnie Richardson and John Richardson. Kathy's sister, Esmie Cushnie Walker, continues to reside in Canada. The proud grandparents, Janet and Lloyd, who went to Damascus for the birth of Soumayyah, are now back in the U.K. Who knows, perhaps we will see pictures of Soumayyah at the reunion in Toronto this July. Molly

02/11/05 Jim Cushnie (jim_cushnie@hotmail.com)
Comments: I just stumbled across your website. It was neat to look through the site and learn a little about my last name which I don't see too much in California. Anyways, hope all Cushnies' are doing well.

02/10/05 Ian Miller (millerir@yahoo.com)
Comments: The second group is cushnie2005@yahoogroups.com

02/10/05 Ian Miller (millerir@yahoo.com)
Comments: We have created 2 groups for those who want to help with the planning and also for general corresponsence. cushnie-steering-2005@yahoogroups.com and mcushnie8@yahoo.com respectively. for those who want to join, just send me a mail @ millerir@yahoo.com

02/09/05 KymYvette Jackson (kymyvett@optonline.net)
Comments: This is a great idea! I am willing to provide assistance, as much as I can from New Jersey, to help the planners out! So, please include me in your email string! Hopefully, we will have many who will travel to meet their "family!" I should be finalizing summer classes by then, and attend the festibites! I think I deserve a party for all my hard work! Also, I would like my Mother to met her Aunt Esmie. I think this would be one of the best things, since she is in her 80s, and has not known her Dad, Enos' family, because they all were in Canada and Jamaica. Also, I found a book in Barnes and Nobles on the "Scottish Clans and Family Encyclopedia, by George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire; it was in the value book section; and cost $20.00 US Well there is an entry about the Cushnies under the entry name of Lumsden. I haven't had time to review much, due to two papers due and an exam pending, but I will review and post what I learn... GOOD LUCK WITH THE PLANNING! PS. Marjorie and Danville on their marriage, when we spoke you mentioned a wedding, however, you did not mention that it was yours! Congratulations and many blessings from God for happiness, love and longevity!

02/08/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Last weekend, I met with Linda Walker Esty and Ian Miller in Toronto, Canada, to do some pre-planning for the 2005 Cushnie Family Reunion. Linda is the daughter of Esmie Cushnie Walker and Ian is the son of Nathlin Cushnie Miller. Joy Cushnie Stephens is part of the planning team. Linda and Ian have some great ideas. They live in Toronto and are the point persons for this year's reunion. We look forward to a wonderful time together.

02/08/05 Ian Miller (millerir@yahoo.com)
Comments: Toronto welcomes the 2005 Cushnie Family Reunion! In a turbulent world, how fortunate we are to have a solid family interest and desire to know each other. This is an open invitation to all Cushnies near and far to come to Toronto, July 23rd – 27th to celebrate ourselves. Toronto is a city much like us, multicultural and diverse, a beautiful and welcoming city. Come, let’s experience Toronto together! With its vast selection of sights and tastes and festivals like Caribana, we have this fantastic opportunity to have fun and express ourselves. We’ll share stories, learn about our past and create new ties to the future. We have started the planning and here are some of the fun ideas that we are developing. Keep checking our site for updates and plan to join us. Date Event Location Saturday 23rd July Getting to know you dinner Sunday 24th July Morning Church Service St. Paul's Church L'Amoreaux Sunday 24th July Afternoon picnic/amusement park Centre Island Monday 25th July Free Day – Explore Toronto Tuesday 26th July Niagara Falls/Marineland Niagara Falls, Ont Imagine… summertime in Toronto. Having fun… Sharing memories… Creating memories…. Unforgettable! Please Confirm attendance by may 2nd 2005 to lesty@thestar.ca, millerir@yahoo.com, 9058582032.

02/05/05 Phyllis V. Walker (llanoka@aol.com)
Comments: 'Better late than never.' I was unable to be in Jamaica for the 2001 reunion however I am determined to be at the 2005 gathering. Where do I fit in? I am a senior Walker [happily so! Pension + good health = JOY! in June!] I retire this year from teaching & will vegetate for as long as possible before going on to phase 3 of my life. Happy to reconnect with you Molly Cushnie & best wishes to all. I am the daughter of Esmie Cushnie & Adolphus Walker - Jamaica.

02/01/05 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Best wishes to Dr. Marjorie Cushnie Vassell and congratulations to Danville Davidson on their marriage on December 18th, 2004 in Kingston, Jamaica. The Jamaican Observer stated that: "Computer specialist Danville Davidson wed his long-time love, friend and political colleague Dr. Marjorie Vassell in an intimate ceremony at the Stella Maris Chapel on Saturday conducted by Rev. Fr. Michael Lewis. The happy couple Danville and Marjorie Davidson posed for photos with Edward Seaga, Leader of the Opposition, and his wife Carla..." Marjorie is the daughter of Olga Cushnie Vassell Porter and the niece of Mrs. Rita Cushnie Richards, and Sr. Mary Caritas. Those of us who were on the 2001 Cushnie Family reunion to Jamaica will remember meeting Marjorie, Olga and Sr. Mary Caritas in Above Rocks, St. Catherine. We wish Marjorie and Danville a long and happy life together. Molly


01/28/05 Baby girl (babydolz@21netzero.com)
Comments: hi

01/24/05 Claire Cushnie (gccushnie@earthlink.net)
Comments: I love this site!

01/23/05 KymYvette M. Jackson (kymyvett@optonline.net)
Comments: Belated Holiday Greetings to all the Cushnies and other related kinfolk! I apologize for not writing earlier, but I have been finalizing my winter courses at Rutgers. I am saddened to learn that we have lost two elders in our clan. I wish to extend my own heartfelt words of sympathy to the families. As Michael Cushnie expressed it is SO IMPORTANT for us to take time to learn from our elders, because before we know it time has passed and so has our main historians, our elders... If you do not seek your lineage for yourself, do it for your grandchildren and the greatgrands!!! To Lynn Wareham Howell,one of the missing siblings is my grandfather, Enos George Cushnie, who married Anne Mattis Cushnie. Unfortunatley, they passed several years ago. I believe I spoke to you during Eulaleee's wake in NY. They had three children, my mother Myrtle M. Cushnie Jackson, who had (me)KymYvette and my sister, Rehema (Phyllis); my aunt, Doris M. Cushnie Collins, William (Bill) Nichols is her son and our cousin, but, he is my first cousin; and George Enos Cushnie,(deceased), who had two children Robert Enos Cushnie and Gail A.Cushnie. So, we are related as cousins. If you speak with Esmie, she knows the family tree about the Cushnie siblings, since she is a great-aunt, and has a great wealth of information. Good luck!

01/11/05 Devon Cushnie (dcushnie@yahoo.com)
Comments: Blessings to all Cushnies, their relatives and friends at this start to another year. Let us seek to live and to really Love in the present. George Cushnie, of Portmore, St.Catherine Jamaica, passed away peacefully over the holiday season. The funeral provided a rare occasion for his children Levi, Hermine, Shirley and Winston to meet, as well as some grand-children, including myself, who had not encountered one another before. So, we continue this journey . . .

12/20/04 Janet (janmorris@onetel.com)
Comments: Greetings to all the families globally may you all have a Peaceful Christmas and all the best wishes for the year 2005. From Janet and Lloys in Syria. God Bless you all.

12/15/04 James Ralston Cushnie (jcushnie@weechi.net)
Comments: My website has moved it is now located at http://cushnie.weechi.com All visitors are welcome. Jim

12/15/04 JAmes Ralston Cushnie (jcushnie@weechi.net)
Comments: Seasons Greeting to all Cushnies Everywhere.

12/14/04 MGCushnie (mlearjetcushnie@yahoo.com)
Comments: Howdy everyone, and more grace & Peace to all ...*at once taking a little time out from the business of life, especially at a time such as this- to relay to those who might not be aware That one of our "elders" has "passed-on";Mr George Z Cushnie;my grandfather of more than 90 years. For anyone who would like to reachout and connect, you may do so freely by reaching his wife Mrs Rose Cushnie 1-876-988-6864 (Jamaica) And, for those who may still have with you, in the circle of life "Elders" take the time now to learn of them the history of your begining whilst you can! Bye, MikeC (US) 13'th/12/04

12/08/04 William (Bill) Nichols (mfundishi@comcast.net)
Comments: I am the son of Doris May Cushnie Collins Grandson of Annie and Enos Cushnie. Peace and blessings to all.

12/02/04 Janet Morris (janmorris@onetel.com)
Comments: To George and Leslie: Wishing you a lifetime of sharing and enjoying the special love that brought you together. Many congratulations on your 27th Wedding Anniversary. With much love Janet.

11/29/04 Adam Cushnie (thislilmunkyloveschrist@yahoo.ca)
Comments: Wow! I have never been here before and what i've seen so far is really cool! I am 10 years old and I am Megan's brother! Have a good day!!!

11/26/04 Janet Morris (janmorris@onetel.com)
Comments: Hi everyone hope you all had a peaceful Thanksgiving Day,please note change to my e-mail. It is now .com instead of .net.uk. Mail sent with the previous address will not reach me after the 29th November.Love and best wishes.

11/23/04 Marjorie ( Cushnie ) Vassell (marjorievassell@hotmail.com)
Comments: Fantastic website. Congrats again and keep up the great work. All the very best for the coming season and and new year. To the extnded family from this branch. alove you all.

11/20/04 Janet Morris (janmorris@onetel.com)
Comments: In the loss of cousin Cher. To Owen, Jennifer, grandchildren all the Walker family, Clarke Family and all surviving extended family members. I may not be with you all on the 25th November, but I want you to know that my heartfelt sympathy and best wishes are always with you.May you all find hope in the midst of sorrow and comfort in the midst of pain. Sleep on and take your rest Cherry. We all loved you but Jesus loves you best.

11/19/04 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Patricia (Cherry)Clarke, who passed away on November 13, 2004, is survived by her husband Owen, daughter Jennifer, grandaughter Joan, mother Esmie Cushnie Walker, sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews, and many other family members. The celebration of Cherry's life will be at The Church of the Reconciliation, (Anglican/Catholic), Bridgeport, Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica, West Indies on November 25, 2004 at 2:00 p.m. May Light perpetual shine on her.

11/18/04 Claire Cushnie (gccushnie@earthlink.net)
Comments: George an I are now on Big Pine Key, in the Florida Keys for the winter. We come here every winter, because it is cold and windy in New Jersey. We live in a small travel trailer park called Royal Palm. The people here are very loving and helpful to those around them. I haven't written in this site for some time, so you all might not remember my husband, George and I. We are the parents of George C. Cushnie, Jr., the creator of this web site. We are very proud parents. We would love to hear from anyone who would like to email us.

11/17/04 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Gloria Patricia Clarke (Cherry Walker) oldest daughter of Esmie Cushnie Walker and the late Adolphus Walker passed away on November 13, 2004. The funeral will be on November 25, 2004 at 2:00 p.m. possibly in Portmore, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. We have not been able to ascertain the name of the Church as yet but as soon as we do, it will be posted. Cherry was more of a sister to may of us, warm and supportive. She will be missed. May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

09/16/04 Marcia Ward (marward@hotmail.com)
Comments: Hi Guys, Hope you are all ok after that visit from Hurricane Ivan. When he visited Ja. I was already in the USA for my vacation. Back home however I had no loss. Thank God the Almighty for sparing us all. Love yu!!

09/15/04 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Thanks for asking, Nathan, and for your prayers on behalf of Jamaica. I have been calling around to friends and family members in Jamaica and so far so good. I have heard reports of property damage but all lives were spared, though I understand that there were 15 deaths on the Island. I have also been checking www.emjamusa.org for regular updates on the Hurricane. In the Weekly Gleaner which we get in New York and on the Jamaican website mentioned above, I have noticed that the Prime Minister of Jamaica P.J. Patterson announced that Danville Walker, the director of elections, will be reassigned to head a special task force operating under the newly-announced Office of National Reconstruction (ONR) to spearhead programmes for the recovery from Hurricane Ivan. Danville Walker is the grandson of Esmie Cushnie Walker, my aunt, and the son of the late Carlton Walker and Cherry Walker. I am pleased to know that a family member is involved in the reconstruction work that needs to be done. In some parts of the Island, houses were washed away, there was widespread flooding, a lack of electricity and shortage of water. However, the tourist industry has suffered no significant negative impact from Hurricane Ivan. All the Very Best to you Nathan. Molly

09/15/04 Nathan Cushnie (cushnien@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi, this is Nate in London. Is everyone ok in Ocho Rios?? We pray for your safety from Ivan.

09/08/04 Timothy Gordon Cushnie (timcushnie@homail.com)
Comments: I am looking to reconect with my celtic roots. I live in Hamilton, Ontario Canada

09/06/04 Nick Hervey (nick@nhervey.freeserve.co.uk)
Comments: To George Cushnie - my email has been playing up, could you let me know on this site if you received the family tree database I emailed you. Sorry to use this site but I'm working on getting my email sorted.

09/02/04 christine lubresky (nikkipearl04@netscape.net)
Comments: my name is christine lubresky daughter to susan wareham(maiden name) she is one of six children to pearl and jim wareham

08/25/04 MALIK NICHOLS (Rnichols1@jam.rr.com)
Comments: wow i promise on my life name is malik nichols too!

08/23/04 Dr Nick Hervey (nick@nhervey.freeserve.co.uk)
Comments: Sorry I have been a bit busy recently. I now have a detailed family database for Sir Alexander Morison, which is still growing and includes a lot of Cushnies. I could email this to anyone who is interested. I would welcome any information about sources for Alexander Morison and his immediate family.

08/16/04 Lynn Wareham Howell (lehowell@juilliard.edu)
Comments: Dear Cousins: I'm just getting around to checking out the website. My brother was at the most recent reunion (8/14) and hopefully, he updated some of our portion of the family's information. The website is great and it's amazing to realize that there are so many more of us out there. I'll start by giving my information. I am daughter to Helene Spencer Wareham and Alton Wareham. Helene is the daughter of Undine Cushnie (Spencersister to Constance, Clarence George, Leopole, Lionel, Dorit, Den and two other siblings whose names we're not sure of.) I was born July 12, 1952 and married Dennis Howell in 1974. We had twin sons-Taiwo Azikwe Sule Howell and Kehinde Atiba Jaja Howell on June 15, 1977. We divorced in 1980. Taiwo has three sons (two of whom are by his current wife Donora Willamoni Howell: Aki Howell (11/11/97)-by his first wife Mary Guess; Shelemo Howell (11/4/00) and Benyamin Howell (3/18/03) by Donora. He also has a stepson, Alex Maxey (6/12/97). Kehinde has no children yet. I think that's pretty much all for me for now. Just wanted to let you know I'm sorry I missed the reunion, would love to see a more complete family tree and will do whatever I can to help that happen. I can be reached at the e-mail address above. Greetings to all of our Cushnies near and far.

08/11/04 Dorothy Carter (Neita) (dorcarter@msn.com)

Comments: Im loving this site, its so cool to finally know something about my family background. Our name isnt very common so it shouldnt be too hard to stay connected. I live in Kingston, Jamaica and i was born to Albert Cushnie and Beverline Dyer on September 9, 1979.

07/12/04 Tyler Esty (tyleresty409@hotmail.com)
Comments: Hi! I'm Tyler from Canada. I was born 1989 and am 15 years old.My mother is Linda and my grandmother is Ms. Esmy Walker.

07/11/04 Mugabé Walker (suppamugs@yahoo.com)
Comments: Allo, My name is Mugabé Walker, son of Lansford Walker whos mother is Esmie Walker nee Cushnie. I live in Toronto Canada and currently studying in Grenada W.I. I would like to get to know more of this Cushnie lineage and see of the Walker family fits in. I would love to talk to anyone. much love Mugabé

06/25/04 Andre cushnie (andrecushnie@msn.com)
Comments: I'm a cushnie and i am cool!!!!

06/03/04 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Happy birthday, Big George. Much Love to you, Claire and family. Molly

06/02/04 Jo Gaither (gaitherjo@hotmail.com)
Comments: I have been working on our family genealogy for many years. I would like to look for any one knowing my mother’s Grand Father and Mother. James and Christina Cushnie. ( before 1889)

05/31/04 Joy Cushnie Stephens (jamjoy66@hotmail.com:gaitherjo@hotmail.com)
Comments: We just entered an event on the calendar of events- Aug 14, 2004- a family picnic.

05/31/04 Joy Cushnie Stephens (jamjoy66@hotmail.com:gaitherjo@hotmail.com)
Comments: Jo Gaither and I just added a family picnic on 8/14/03 to the calendar of events. Everyone have a lokk.

05/31/04 Joy Cushnie Stephens (jamjoy66@hotmail.com:gaitherjo@hotmail.com)
Comments: Jo Gaither and I just added a family picnic on 8/14/03 to the calendar of events. Everyone have a lokk.

05/27/04 Kymyvette Jackson (kymyvett@optonline.net)
Comments: Hello, Everyone! First, I wish to thank David for the information, I will get back to you, if I have further questions. But, I have noticed that one more of my "missing" family has converged on the website (thanks George!) Hello, Bonni and Malik, I am glad to see that you have contacted this site, because your family has been trying to locate you! I am your cousin, and the daughter of your Grandmother Doris' sister Myrtle. I am currently taking care of Myrtle and I have recently spoken with your brother, Khalil. I am glad to have found you, because Gail and I have been trying to locate you, guys! PLease email me at my email address, because I have not seen Bonni since she was 12 years old, and unfortunately, Malik, you were born while I was in the military. I hope that you will contact me, so we can arrange a family meeting. You "cgildren" have been gone for a extremely longtime from the family, an it is time to return "home!" I understand there are several new generations that have been born into our family, and it saddens me to think that I do not know them and they do not know me. I hope that we will be able to reunite, again for the future generations, because we have a "large family, now, and it would be a shame to let this opportunity disappear, again. I have traveled the world, and I have always found it hard to know I had family that I do not know. It has been my mission to reunite our family, because our grand and great-grandparents would not like that we hadbecome sooo distant. Please email me, and begin a new road, "home." You know you probably do not remember graet-grandmother Anna, she was a religious god-fearing and praising woman, but she held her family as a treasure, until her death. But with her death, we lost the threads to our family and its unity. I know she would be proud to learn that we have reunited, again. Hope to hear from you, soon! George, your website brings blessings and returns the distant to closer shores. God Bless you on this Memorial Holiday! And I would like to ask all of the Cushnies and friends to pray for our sailors, soliders and Marines who are currently serving in the armed forces. This is a very trying time for all involved, both at home and overseas. PLease pray that our active duty members are safe during this upcoming holdiay, and that peace comes to all areas in turmoil in the world... Thank you, KymYvette (US Navy, Retired)

05/27/04 Joy Cushnie Stephens (jstephens@hotmail.com)

05/24/04 Malik Nichols (Jahbless72@yahoo.com)
Comments: Peace my name is Malik Nichols,the youngest grandchild of Doris Cushnie and Youngest brother of Bonni NIchols.

05/24/04 bonni colette nichols (bonifah1@hotmail.com)
Comments: just giving a better e-mail address. the previous one was @ my place of employment. this one is better so just ignore the previous one, thanks,love bonni

05/22/04 stacey mum (4u@msn.com)
Comments: if this is you baby I don't get this thing go back to kid chat

05/22/04 stacey mum (4u@msn.com)
Comments: hey babby


05/11/04 valene lindsay (valenelindsay@hotmail.com)
Comments: I think this website is so cool. Its good to know that there are still families out there 'keeping it together'. Whoever came up with the idea, i say to that person that this is simply wonderful. Anyway, hope to be apart of the family soon. nuff love.val.

05/09/04 David James Cushnie (cushniedj@btinternet.com)
Comments: Dear KymYvette, thank you for your recent message. I regret that I do not know the precise title of the Morison Family history book. However, I have gone back to my old notebook and have found out a little more. Mary Ann (Cushnie) died in 1846 and her son, Alexander Cushnie Morison died 13th February, 1861, while on military service with the East India Company. The EIC was never engaged in the slave trade. Slavery was illegal in the United Kingdom and the movement of slaves in British ships was banned in 1807. Before that fortunes were made from it and cities like Liverpool for the cotton trade and Bristol for the tobacco trade were heavily engaged in it. As you know the Abolitionists fought for many years to end slavery and finally succeeded in 1833 and ownership of slaves in Jamaica was over by 1838. I notice Thomas Stratton Cushnie's wife, Angel, was described as colored rather than African, so I expect she was of mixed blood. By the late 1700s Jamaica was virtually a Scottish colony and many young Scotsman went there to seek their fortunes. There were few Scots girls in Jamaica at that time so it was not too long before the races became mixed. Compulsory registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths did not take place in Jamaica before 1878. As you may know marriage was not encouraged under slavery. For one thing the masters did not want to encourage any family or tribal structure developing. It could lead to opposition. So if some one in the cushnie.org can plot the known names of people born, married or died in Jamaica before 1878, and study documents such as the Feurtado Manuscripts, manumission lists, any indenture records, in fact anything on the name with a bit of luck some of the Jamaican Cushnies will find out more about their links with the north-east of Scotland as well as West Africa. You are already beginning to know quite a lot. I think people moved on to Cuba simply because when slavery was abolished the island's economy declined and there were jobs available there. Kindest regards to you, KymYvette, David.

05/04/04 pam elton (ejohn6@optushome.com.au)
Comments: Has anyone knowledge of a marriage between Mary Cushnie to James Duncan, about 1785, probably in Rattray or Blairgowrie in Scotland? Or of her family? She would have been born about 1765. Pam

05/01/04 Elizbeth Stephanie Myles nee Cushnie (lizzy@stone-panels.com)
Comments: I was a Cushnie until I married in 1973. I was born in the UK in 1951(Brighton)East Sussex My father was Edward Donald Cushnie born 3/10/23 (still living.... in Spain somewhere) His father was Herbert Cushnie who died approx 1970 Born in Scotland ... I think Aberdeen. he was about 80 when he died I have two sisters Patricia Ann born 1948 and Sally Charlotte born 1961

04/27/04 KymYvette Jackson (kymyvett@optonline.net)
Comments: Dear David Cushnie: I read your entry about the Morrisons for Dr Hervey. I am wondering was their son, a surgeon in the same East India Company that switched its cargo from tea to slaves? Also, it is possible that you or Dr Hervey can provide more information about the title of the book about the Morrisons? Also, David I understand that you have a wealth of information about the Cushnies from Jamaica and Scotland. I am intrigued!!! Please write more for all of us to learn or sendto me via separate email. Also, for the persons who are exploring their families, especially those in the United States, and Jamaica. I recently took two college courses on African American History on the Slave Movement and Early African Civilizations. These courses were great, because they aided in learning the passage of "unfree Blacks" or slaves through the Middle Passage. This is important, because this is where the African history intersects with our origin in Jamaica, Cuba, the Caribbean, and eventually, the US. This information has been helpful in learning about the heritage of the Cushnies in all, current, ethnic groups. Also, I have learned that history for Black Americans is taught differently for Blacks in Jamaica or other Caribbean regions. The discussion of slavery was not taught as it is in the US. This was confirmed by family members. So, it is never too late to learn something, new! As I learn more about the family and its origins, the more excited I become. It is amazing to learn about the extent that a Family, its name, and its Descendants have taken to survive through the centuries, and on different continents and islands! This is becoming better than television!


04/18/04 David James Cushnie (cushniedj@btinternet.com)
Comments: Dear Dr Hervey, I am fairly sure the information on Mary Ann Cushnie's marriage to Alexander Morison came from a book about the Morisons that I found in either the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh or Aberdeen City Library about thirty years ago. Its title was The Morisons of ----- or something like that and one or both libraries will surely still have it in stock. I believe Mary Ann died about 1839 and Alexander remarried. They had some children. At least one daughter and one son, Alexander Cushnie Morison, who became a surgeon in the East India Company. I believe he died young. It would be most interesting to know how Mary Ann met Alexander. Her mother died when she was eighteen months old and her father seven months before she married in Edinburgh. Sorry this information is a bit thin but the book may help if you can locate it. Kindest regards.

04/16/04 Dr Nick Hervey (nick@nhervey.freeserve.co.uk)
Comments: I am researching a biography of Sir Alexander Morison and would be interested in any information you have about the family. I wrote a short biography of him in a book called Masters of Bedlam, but have now gathered a significant amount of information for a full length biography, but would welcome any additional family information

04/12/04 Carla Ann-Marie Cushnie (einhsuc@yahoo.com)
Comments: hi everyone,my grandfater is also Arthur Roy Cushnie and my father is Carl Cushnie.Also Stacy is my older sister and shauna is my sister too.i would like to know the rest of my family because i only know the immediate family.I would think that Sharon is My Aunt Because My Father Speaks Of her i do not Know Alvin. I also Live in jamaica

04/12/04 Shauna Alicia Cushnie (imazzy@hotmail.com)
Comments: Hey everyone, my grandfather was Arthur Roy Cushnie from Jamaica. I live in Jamaica as well and like many of you I was curious about the geneaology of the Cushnie name. To my surprise there seems to be alot of people with the last name some of which are more than likely related to me distantly or immdediately. I would like to know more about those persons who share my heritage, especially those who live in Jamaica. Much appreciation to the person who created this site!

04/08/04 Khalil Maasi (yshua@ureach.com)
Comments: Kym Yvette, I recieved your e-mail and I have responded. My father is in Baltimore and he is the one who alerted me to this site. My brother Malik is in California and my mother and the rest of us are in New Jersey. Give me a call at the phone number that I left in my e-mail. Khalil

04/07/04 KymYvette Jackson (kymyvett@optonline.net)
Comments: Hello, Khalil! You are going to be surprised about what I am going to tell you. Because I am your cousin. And your grandmother is my mother's sister, and Uncle George's also. I have trying to locate you and your siblings. I am sooo glad to see you have found this site, because it has assisted me in locating your side of the family! Please locate me at my email address, urgently! Also, I want to let you know that your grandmother, my Aunt doris, was born in the United States. You were very little, so you may not remember me, but I believe we met during Uncle Goerge's funeral. I was the woman in the US Navy military uniform, your second cousin. I have been trying to find your mother, father, and siblings. I live in Piscataway, NJ, now, and I am awaiting your response! Your family has been trying to locate you children, but you are hard to locate! Please keep in touch this time! Love, your family! PS. George Cushnie (the website creator), You have created a gift for one, but it has brought joy to many, all sharing the same surname, each of us spread throughout the miles, and yet still yearning to learn from whence we came... You have begun the uniting of many into one... God Bless You and Yours! And to the rest of the Cushnie Clan, I want to wish all of you a joyous and spiritual holiday season!! PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN, WHO PROTECT AND SERVE OUR WAY OF LIFE ON FOREIGN SHORES... MAY THEY HAVE PEACE DURING OUR RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS! PRAY OR SEND SUPPORT TO THEIR UNITS OVERSEAS, BECAUSE THEY NEED SUPPORT DURING THESE STRESSFUL TIMES!

04/07/04 Khalil Maasi (yshua@ureach.com)
Comments: Hello, My great Uncle was George Cushnie of East Orange, New Jersey. My Grandmother is Doris Collins who was bought to America as alittle girl by her parents (My Grandparents) both Cushnies. My father is William (Bill) Henry Nichols a.k.a. Mfundishi Maasi. We have never been in contact with extended family on my fathers side an d would like to do so. Please contact me ASAP. Khalil Maasi


03/22/04 Danny Virasawmi (dvraptor@aol.com)
Comments: Hey Kymyvette! Thank you for showing me your family's historical website. I find it very interesting on how your family touches Scotland, Africa, the West Indies (Jamaica), and New Jersey (USA)! What really astounds me is that you have reconnected with your distant family! To the people who organized this website, you should be very proud. This is AMAZING!!

03/20/04 Karen Rogers (equalmany@aol.com)
Comments: My Grandmother (deceased d. 1968/9?) (Elizabeth Janet Ruth (Rogers nee Page)) became a Cushnie after she married my step-grandfather (Charlie Cushnie, deceased of Finchley North London). She married him after the death of his previous wife (her sister). My dad's (Alec Edwin Rogers)cousin's/stepbrother and sisters were Harold (deceased), Doreen, Myrtle, Gwyn and Audrey. Some still live in North London I believe.

03/12/04 Sharon Cushnie (SCus944721@aol.com)
Comments: This is really interesting to see that us cushnies have our own website. I am the daughter or Arthur Roy Cushnie from Kingston,Jamaica. I currently live in Florida.I would really like to get in touch with you people.

03/11/04 Julia Smth (jks.ned@rogers.com)
Comments: I am not a cushnie, but have encountered a few over the years and my best friend is one. I would love to see how this all pans out.

03/08/04 Uga-booga Cushnie (DON't have any)
Comments: I want it, k ??? this website is so cool!!!

03/04/04 Heather Cushnie (heathercushnie@hotmail.com)
Comments: Hi!! I just have to write a note to my peeps!!! Hi Jay! We're cousins.I may have even met you on the big island a couple of years ago..I'm currently living in SF now. Cushnie's rule!!!!

03/02/04 marjorie cushnie (lexicon4us@yahoo.com)
Comments: Interesting, I would like to learn more about this cushnie name

02/29/04 Marcia Cushnie (marciashelly@aol.com)
Comments: Hello, my name is marcia, I am the daughter of Leon Cushnie, and now currently live in florida


02/03/04 Alvin Cushnie (aroylouise@aol.com)
Comments: I am the youngest son of arthur roy l. cushnie of kingston jamaica. It is wonderful to know that htere is a site just for us cushnies.I look forward to communicating with some of you.

01/31/04 Laurel Cushnie (lulucush@go.com)
Comments: Hello everyone! My uncle Jay (posted below) told me about this site today so I fiured I would check it out. My father is Jay's brother Robert who lives on Maui with my mother Wendy and my brother Ross. I currently reside in Ashland, OR. It is really neat to learn about other Cushnie's especially since the name is uncommon. Keep up the good work!

01/30/04 Michael Edward Cushnie (mcushnie@adsjamaica.com)
Comments: This is crazy i cant believe my family has a website, we are so special, Anyway I live in Jamaica but i was really close to Aunt Lee (Eulalee Simon-Cushnie) she passed away recently. Anyway this is really nice. Oh I produce music so if anyone one hears music from a Reggae artist called Lenn Hammond, it was probably done by me. bye

01/23/04 Jay Cushnie (cushnie@charter.net)
Comments: I am so glad this website was created. I am a member of the Cushnies that left Scotland in the early 1900's and settled in Hawaii to work on the sugar plantations. My father Robert Cushnie was one of ten children born to William Cushnie and Isabel Forbes Cushnie. My Cushnie relatives live primarily in Califronia and Hawaii. Keep up the great work you are doing to chronicle Cushnie history.

01/16/04 Megan Cushnie (highlandchickzrule@yahoo.ca)
Comments: I think that it's cool that I can learn about where we come from and it helps that I take highland dance too!!

01/15/04 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Welcome, Stacy-Ann. Beverly Gordon-Somers just sent me a cutting from the Jamaica Gleaner with your photo and I was wondering how to contact you and now here you are. Stacy-Ann is in her third year of medical studies at the University of the West Indies. We wish you well in your studies. I hope you get to meet another member of the family who is a Doctor, Marjorie Cushnie Vassell, who welcomed us to Above Rocks when we had the family reunion. Much Love, Molly

01/15/04 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Hi Wilf: Its great to hear from you. It was wonderful to meet you, Mary, your parents and other family members in Ontario a couple of years ago and to be able to see some of the family history. I saw a photo of another Molly Cushnie - I wasn't the first, and she was quite a looker. Wilk's sister Mary has published several books on poetry. As soon as life quietens down a bit, I will continue work on the Jamaican family genealogy. Beverly continues to send me information on the Cushnie family from her research. I just returned from a wonderful exotic Caribbean cruise. I was particularly entranced with Martinique and Puerto Rico. This was my first cruise and it was well worth it. Of course, now I am as fat as a pig after all the great food on board! But visiting the various islands was neat. My regards to all the family. Molly

01/14/04 Stacy-Ann Cushnie (iceprincess1712@hotmail.coml)
Comments: Hi. I'm from Jamaica. It was kind of cool putting in my name in Google and pulling this site up. Anyways, there are alot of Cushnie's here. My grandfather Arthur Cushnie senior had 19 children plus he had brothers etc. I would like to know more about the ancestry of the Cushnie's that came to Jamaica so can u please enlighten. Keep it up!

01/14/04 Wilfred Alexander Cushnie (wilfcushnie@shaw.ca)
Comments: Well, hello everyone. I'm off to Maui to see Robert Cushnie this month. There are many Cushnie's on or from the Hawaiian Islands - some I have met, others not yet. My father is Alexander Wilfred Cushnie and his father is George Cushnie and his father is George Cushnie - based from Aberdeenshire. This is a great thrill for me to see all the work some of you have done .... I myself started family tree stuff in the early 1980's and have quite a bit of stuff on about 8 - 9 generations in my family branch.... I and my two children are the only ones from my branch that live here in British Columbia... the rest are back in Ontario pretty much. So, catch me if you would like... be nice to hear from you. Phone number is: Home - 604-576-2468 Office - 604-666-6144 and my cell is 604-787-0546. By the way, I am widowed in 1996 and still at large... looking for a real nice lady...and I just might have found her recently.... Maybe - while I am here ... just to let you all know -- My address is: 5933 Angus Place, Surrey - British Columbia, Canada V3S 4W8. I was born May 2, 1950 and presently am 53 years old. I work for the Canadian Federal Government as an appraiser of Real Estate, Machinery and Equipment and other Appraisal matters - related to taxation issues and litigation for court purposes. I have two children - Richard B. A. W. L. Cushnie and Elizabeth L. M. Cushnie. My wife was Paola Anna Coacci - born in Italy in 1944 she has died February 23, 1996 and is burried in Penticton British Columbia at the Lakeside Cemetery. I myself was born in Hamilton Ontario in 1950, educated at McMaster University and did post graduate work in real estae and other types of valuation work. My parents are still alive. Alexander Wilfred my father and Thelma Margaret (Small) my mother both now live between Hamilton and Brantford in Ontario. I have been able to travel quite a lot and have enjoyed meeting family in England, Canada, Hawaii. I have one sister by the way ... and I see she has signed the guestbook ... Mary Margaret (Mansour) -- and she has 4 childred and husband Edward. Bye for now.... Wilf. bye for now -- Wilf. Cushnie

01/14/04 Wilfred Alexander Cushnie (wilfcushnie@shaw.ca)
Comments: Well, hello everyone. I'm off to Maui to see Robert Cushnie this month. There are many Cushnie's on or from the Hawaiian Islands - some I have met, others not yet. My father is Alexander Wilfred Cushnie and his father is George Cushnie and his father is George Cushnie - based from Aberdeenshire. This is a great thrill for me to see all the work some of you have done .... I myself started family tree stuff in the early 1980's and have quite a bit of stuff on about 8 - 9 generations in my family branch.... I and my two children are the only ones from my branch that live here in British Columbia... the rest are back in Ontario pretty much. So, catch me if you would like... be nice to hear from you. Phone number is: Home - 604-576-2468 Office - 604-666-6144 and my cell is 604-787-0546. By the way, I am widowed in 1996 and still at large... looking for a real nice lady...and I just migh have found her recently.... bye for now -- Wilf. Cushnie


01/12/04 Candiace (spicykim1@yahoo.co.uk)
Comments: I used to attend this hihg school, but am now living in the U.K

01/08/04 Andre' Cushnie (andrecushnie@msn.com)
Comments: My branch of the Cushnie family is from the Island of Jamaica.


01/01/04 KymYvette Jackson (kymyvett@optonline.net)
Comments: Holiday Greetings to my cushnie Clan far and wide! May the holidays bring joy to you and your family members! Another year is upon us, and we have learned that we as a family have roots that spread out far and wide and have many new growths! I am glad to see the repsonse growing on our family site! I hope everyone is talking to the elders and recording the sories os their lifes and their members who have departed before us. Please do not lose this ooportunity to recordtheir history for future generations. I can attest to the great difficulty in locating this information whe nthey have departed. Also, I am hoping that we will help each other by assisting each of the previous entries in locating their lineage within the family. As I read the previous entries I am amazed to see that the entries from people under age thirty are uncertain to how they fall into our family. We as "elders" and "family members" need to help them learn their "history." Let's leave them a legacy that they can be very proud of! I would like to thank George and Molly for their help in learning about my family. This site has been a welcome addition to my life! Kudos to both of you! I have learned alot! I am still in college, and this site is a great place to take a break an travel to different countries as I sit in front of my monitor, because each person's entry about where they live, sends me to their location in my imagination! Arm-chair traveling! I hope this New Year bring great joy and happiness to all my "family"! May God Bless and Keep you Safe!


12/28/03 Ian Joseph Boyle (wjboyle@cableone.net)
Comments: Am I related to Thomas Boyle, captain of the Comet? My Dad is from Bonnybridge, near Falkirk. I live in Albuquerque New Mexico.

12/28/03 Walter Brown (Cushnie) (tiki_bob_tikii@hotmail.com)
Comments: Merry Christmas, and all the best for the New Year to al of you

12/26/03 Michael (mlearjetcushnie@yahoo.com)
Comments: Dear Cushnies all across the Globe- I send you much Blessings, and may everyone experience great peace of mind, health, wealth and the Grace of The Almighty God of Heaven & Earth from this day and throughout 2004.(George&Claire, George,jnr, Bev C.- kindest regards) Bev, see ya at Level-350..... MC (Texas)25/12

12/20/03 Janet Morris (Cushnie) (janmorris@onetel.net.uk)
Comments: Seasons Greetings to all our families and every good wish for the New Year. Please let us remebber Laurie in our prayers for the New Year when he will have knee surgery.With much love Janet.

12/20/03 Laurie Richardson (laricha@NYCT.com)
Comments: HI everybody I am Laurie son of Catherine Cushnie who was the sister of Esmie Cushnie. I reside in the USA I am the second son of John Richardson and Catherine Cushnie. I am married to Delores (Nee) Tyrell. We have six sons and five grandchildren. We would like to wish all our families a peaceful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

12/14/03 JOHNNY (elmi893@hotmail.com)
Comments: i am a studend who graduated school of english my age is eighteen

12/06/03 Alicia (afcushnie@yahoo.co.uk)
Comments: I haven't heard from any of you for ages. What has happened? Is there going to be another family reunion because I really want to meet some of you. Bye P.S PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!!!!!

12/03/03 Sharon Marks (sharon.marks@cingular.com)
Comments: Hi, everyone. I was born in '62 (my son would ask if that was 1862) and I am the last of 3 children (Dianne & Donovan) born to Leon Cushnie and Louise Palmer of Jamaica. I also suspect I may have been the last of the 13 children we know to be fathered by Leon but I wouldn't be surprised to find that I indeed have a little brother or sister out there. We never met many of Dad's family so while Donovan could at least name some of our uncles and aunts, I was too young to remember them from the few occasions we had together. My daughter loves to meet new family members so I know she'll appreciate this site and look forward to the next big reunion. Thanks for bringing us together.

11/24/03 Anthony Cushnie
Comments: Have a wonderful thanksgiving and god bless you. you will be hearing from me more often

11/24/03 Anthony Cushnie
Comments: This shocks me i thought i was the only one in america with the name cushnie besides my grandfather and father my family is also from jamaica i am eighteen years old and i stay in atlanta ga but i am originally from tampa florida by grandfathers name was Ephraim cushnie i will be contacting you all

11/22/03 M olly,June,Ronald and all the wider family (mollycushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Molly, June and Tunkie, Sorry to hear of the death of Mum Isolyn)on Thursday 20th November.We the Cushnie family and wider family are saddned by the passing of Mama. I will always remember the fun and laughter she shared with us. May her soul rest in peace and light perpetual shine on her.She was such a devout christian who spent even her last days reading her bible. God bless you all and comfort you all especially her grand children.Peace be with you all and may you all have a peaceful thanksgiving.Janet

11/20/03 roxanne franklin (rluxe2000@yahoo.com)
Comments: My great-grandfather was George Cushnie from Kingston, Jamaica. He married Amelia O'Graffey from Port Antonio, Jamaica. They settled in Los Angeles. My grandmother Eugenia was born in 1913. I think we could be related. Please respond. Thank you.


11/19/03 Bill Cushnie (wdcushnie@aol.com)
Comments: Wonderful think you have done. My Grandfather was Richard Maize Cushnie who married Elizabeth Wiley. Their chidren were Margaret, Estella and David.David was my father and he married Edith Churchill. They had 2 sons myself, William, and Richard. My mother Edith is still living and will be 98 Jan. 3, 2004. She is in good health and helped us put together a book of photos and history last year. If you would like more information just let me know.

11/19/03 Richard and Susan Cushnie (Cushknees@aol.com)
Comments: Greetings to the Cushnie family. This is my first visit to this site. What a wonderful contribution to the "gathering of the clan." My wife and I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I am a retired Presbyterian Minister. My father was David Donaldson Cushnie and he was born in Cannonsburg, PA, in 1905. He died in 1983. I know little about his father, Richard Cushnie and will be looking around for information. Reading the comments and reserarch of others is heartwarming.

10/09/03 KymYvette M. Jackson (kymyvett@optonline.net)
Comments: Dear Family! Greetings! I am excited to read the information about the first "colored" children in our research! Is there anymore, available? I am presently attending a African-american history college course and I have invited my classmates to review our website, so that they can experience the joys and tedious, but joyous work of tracking our family's roots. I felt this site was a good example of how the "age of exploration" and the pursue of new lands and profits has changed and re-developed countries. its people and families. We have all heard the stories through the years, but not until this site was established has it afforded all of us, as the descendants of the Strattons, Cushnies and others, the ability to identify with our far-flung family members! We must keep this research going! The effort to locate our roots, should not be the actions of a few, but the goal of all of us as descendants of the original Cushnies! Unfortunately, as time passes we are experiencing the loss of our "storytellers and historians," soon even I will be too old to recall certain events! Our history is significant, because it tells the origin of who we were and what we will become... But, if we do not record and listen to our elders, we will lose so much! I must ask that each one of us as Cushnies, truly attempt to record the "stories," either in writing, voice recording or film. These narratives are the keys to our past and the passageway to maintaining our history in the future. We are spread all over the world, but we share one commonality, being a Cushnie descendants. Please assist in beginning research in your area, look to see if there are records of us. Look into geneaology books to learn how to research.The task of identifying our ancestors is a great one, because we are all over the world, we lessen the miles, by locating and preserving our family tree. This task is great, but if everyone sought information on members of their family in several genrations back, we would accomplish a phenomemal task, but we would have done it, together... Now wouldn't it be GRAND to have the compiled information at the next scheduled reunion? (another topic for later date.). Imagine seeing family trees, photos, histories, manuscripts, manifests, charters, voyage documents, birth cetificates, slave recordings. It would be the best legacy we could leave our children and their children. Haven't you ever wondered from what region in Africa, Scotland, Europe that we all originated from? I do! I have learned that some Cushnies lived or are living in Cuba, but are they still there? What caused the migration there? Who went there? DO we still exist there? What about other Caribeean islands or in South America? If everyone helped we could provide a grand legacy. No age is excluded! Is anyone interested in assisting? Our family creed reads: "One Family, One Love." What better way to show it? Think about it and respond back, we could use some help! Sincerely with best intentions, KymYvette

09/20/03 James Ralston Cushnie (jcushnie@weechi.net)
Comments: Iam the bother of the late Roy Cushnie who was mentioned farther down. I see my great nephew David has been here. I am working on setting up my website and will surely be back. This is exciting to find all of you. Jim

09/18/03 David James Cushnie (cushniedj@btinternet.com)
Comments: Dear Molly and Ian Miller' I shall try to continue where I left off. The Feuertado Manuscripts in 1854 show Alexander Cushnie as "Landing Master and Searcher Kingston". This connects very well with something Harold Anthony Cushnie said some years ago - he had a collection of family letters and documents relating to the Customs and Excise in Jamaica. He is a direct descendant of Thomas Stratton Cushnie. The first Cushnie family known to me to return to the UK was about 1861 in Liverpool. They were Alexander Cushnie and his wife Mary, maiden name Bell with their baby son William Cadmus Euterpe Cushnie, who was born in Kingston in 1859 or 1860. His middle names come from two ships which were moored in Kingston Harbour at the time of his birth. Alexander's first wife died in 1874 and when he remarried in 1876 he gave his father's name as Thomas Stratton Cushnie, Gentleman. Alexander died in Liverpool in 1894 when he was said to aged 63. He had another son, named George Stratton Cushnie born in Liverpool in 1863 but he died at sea in 1883. Another brother, anther Thomas Stratton Cushnie married in Kent in 1877 to Mary Lewis. He said his father was Thomas Stratton Cushnie, Planter. It was this entry which caused to write to Miss Berry all those years ago as I had no idea that there were Cushnies in Jamaica. It was simply that I was finding people who I knew were not born in england or Scotland. Now it is coming together. I shall continue searching my notes. Kindest regards, David

09/17/03 Brenda Cushnie (bjcush1@hotmail.com)
Comments: Hi everyone visited the site for the first time what a wonderful idea. I am the eldest daughter of William Cushnie and Ivy Watson-Cushnie the St Thomas Jamaica connection the others are Dudley, Fitz, Deanna, Hartley, William Jr and Maria. Its great having our own family website with so many Cushnies worldwide and I thought for years that we were few in number. The family reunion was wonderful do hope we can do same soon. Love you all

09/17/03 Brenda Cushnie (bjcush1)

09/16/03 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Thank you so very much, David. I am so excited to receive this information. Here is some further information sent to me by Ms. Beverly Gordon Somers, a retired policewoman,who is a descendant of James Joseph Cushnie and Christiana Neita Cushnie. James and Christiana were married in 1884 at, I believe, St. Faith's Anglican Church, nr. Above Rocks, Jamaica. Here are the entries which Beverly culled from the Mormon Family History Center microfilm research. "Thomas Stratton b Apr 26, 1826 to Thomas Stratton Cushnie & Angel bap Mar 11, 1828 Kingston; Alexander b June 7, 1829, colored to Thomas Stratton Cushnie & Angel lived at Rum Lane, bap Dec. 26, 1829; Adelaide b Oct 15, 1831 colored, to Thomas Stratton Cushnie & Angel married, lived @ Rum Lane, bap Dec 20, 1831." Beverly, while researching her own family came upon the Cushnie-Neita link and emailed me. She has been doing research for the last three years. I am forever grateful to Beverly for sending me many pieces of information on the Jamaican Cushnie family. If anyone has information on any of the persons mentioned, would you please email me at mcushnie8@yahoo.com. I am still trying to connect the dots. David's information has been very helpful.Thank you David and Beverly.

09/16/03 David James Cushnie (cushniedj@btinternet.com)
Comments: Dear Molly and Ian Miller thank you for you replies. In Dunnottar Chaurchyard, near Stonehaven, there is a stone which reads. "In memory of Alexander Straton, late merchant in Stonehive: he died the 7th day of May, 1743, aged 67 years. And of Christian Robertson, his spouse, a virtuous wife, an affectionate mother, and benevolent friend: she died the 20th day of Oct, 1763, aged 83 years. Also of Thomas Straton, Esq, their son who died in Jamaica, May, 1777, aged 73 years, with most unblemished character, esteemed by all his connections. He acquired a genteel fortune, which he left to his surviving sisters. Here lies interred Patrick Cushnie, who died 23rd May, 1790, aged 38 years. Also Elizabeth Straton, his spouse, who died the 24th of Nov, 1792, in the 36th year of her age, and their son, the Rev. Patrick Cushnie, M.A., incumbent of St Mary's Montrose, who died 10th June, 1869, in the 90th year of his age and the 69th of his ministry." The Rev Patrick Cushnie, an Episcopal Minister, used to tell how his grandfather, also named Patric Cushnie (baptised at Dunnottar 14th december 1721) had been an enthusiastic supporter of the Jacobite cause and had kissed Bonnie Prince Charlie's hands when he came to Aberdeen. Thomas Straton (or Stratton) who died in Jamaica in 1777, leaving his "genteel fortune to his surviving sisters" seems to have been a fairly important man in the island. he was a member of the Jamaica Assembly from1755-56. His niece, Elizabeth Straton, had married Patrick Cushnie (son of the Jcaobite supporter) in Aberdeen, on 19th June, 1775. It seems that Patrick's cousin, thomas cushnie, went to Jamaica, to help manage Thomas Straton's plantations, as a ver young man. from the latter's bequest to his sisters it appears that he had no surviving children. The Feurtado Manuscripts show that the Cushnieswho lived in Jamaica took commissions in the Jamaica Militia, which was the usual practice in those days, when they were greatly outnumbered by the slaves they owned. the law wass totally on the side of the planters. The Militia records are most useful because they identify the parishes in Jamaica where members of the family were living at various times. The earliest record shows that Thomas Cushnie was a Captain in St David's Militia in 1784, followed by Thomas Stratton Cushnie, ensign St Thomas in the East and St David's Militia in 1799 and his descendant, also named thomas Straton Cushnie, was a Lieutenant of the Kingston Militia in 1841 and Clerk to the common Council of Kingston in 1845. Also in the Old Section of dunnottar Churyard is another family tombstone. the inscription reads as follows: "In memory of Margaret Herdman sspouse to Alexander Cushnie merchant Aberdeen, d. 6 Oct, 111784, aged 35: Patrick & Margaret two of their children d. in infancy. Alexander Cushnie their fasther d. 24 Aug 1798, aged 50." Alexander Cushnie, Margaret Herdman's husband, had aan estate in Jamaica, although I don't know how frequently he visited it or or his relations there. when I found the record of his daughter's marriage I discovered more about the family. Alexander's elder daughter, Mary Ann Cushnie, was seventeen when she married a young doctor, Alexander Morison, in Edinburgh, on 26th March, 1799. Her late father was described as "Alexander Cushnie of Aberdeen and of Windsor Castle Farm, Jamaica. (Does anyone know where that is? Incidentally I am not related to any of these people myself. I just happened to get interested and fascinated by the the story about twenty-five years age when I was searching for someone.) Mary Ann, who was baptised at St Nicholas, Aberdeen, on 27th february, 1782, was a wealthy girl, which would certainly have helped her husband's career. She became Lady Morison when he received a knighthood, in 1838, for his long and distinguished service as a physician to members of the royal family, including the Duke of York and Prince (later King) Leopold of the Belgians and to the Princess Charlotte of Wales. If I haven't bored you to tears I will continue this later. Before I end I would like to acknowledge the help given to me by Mr John A Aarons (Deputy Director) and Miss Margaret Dwyer (Research Officer) of the West India Reference Library of the Institute of Jamaica, in Kinston back in 1977.I also wish to thank Miss E M E Berry of Aberdeenshire for her help in explaining the relationships between the Stratton and Cushnie families in the stonehaven area and for transcribing some of the gravestones in Dunnottar kirkyard for me. Kindest regards, David

09/13/03 David James Cushnie (cushniedj@btinternet.com)
Comments: The earliest record I have of Cushnies in Jamaica is 1784. This may be still a sensitive area of research but I am delighted to learn of your organisation and send you all my kindest regards. If anyone wishes further historical information please let me know.

09/11/03 Janet Morris (janmorris@ntlworld.com)
Comments: To Comfort You Raymond and all the wider family members. May you know that others share your loss. This comes with deepest sympathy and with a special prayer, that God who watches over all will keep you in his care.May Angelina's soul rest in peace she answered the masters call.Janet (Molly Cushnie, Delroy and myself are all first cousins)

09/08/03 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: I am so sorry to hear about your mother, Raymond. Rest eternal grant to Angelina, O Lord: And let light perpetual shine upon her. May her soul, and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. {(Delroy is Uncle Lee's son (i.e. Leon Cushnie, deceased, of Cushnie Typewriter, King Street, Jamaica) Leon and my father, George, were brothers, therefore Delroy and I are first cousins.)] Please know that you and the family are in my heart and in my prayers.Sincerely, Molly

09/07/03 raymond cushnie (rstjacques@canoemail.com)
Comments: we are saddened to announce the death of our mother. she was preparing to attend the wedding of one of our (Ivey) cousins. the car she was travelling in was hit by a drunk driver. I suffered a broken ankle in the accident, and Jamil suffered cuts and bruises and a burn from the seatbelt. CUSHNIE, Angelina Minerva (nee Ivey) _ Taken suddenly in an automobile accident on Saturday, August 30, 2003, in Bronx, NY. She was 45. Devoted wife of Delroy George Spencer Cushnie. Loving mother of Raymond St. Jacques, Omar Jabari and his wife Natalie, Jamil Sabastian Spencer and Anwar George Spencer. She is survived by her mother Hazel, her brothers Kenneth, Johnny, George and Eric, her sisters Beverly, Novlette and Juliette, and close to 80 beloved nieces and nephews. She is predeceased by her father Albert, her brothers Barry, Michael, Toupie (Courtney) and her sister Madge. She will be sadly missed by 3 brothers-in-law and 5 sisters-in-law. Her many friends and family will be received at Ward Funeral Home, 52 Main Street South, Brampton, Ontario (905-451-2124) Tuesday, September 9, 2-4 p.m. and 6-9 p.m. A funeral service will be held at the Chapel Wednesday, September 10, 11 a.m. Interment at Meadowvale Cemetery. Donations may be made to The Lung Association or the Canadian Cancer Society. Messages of condolences may be sent to august.thirty@rogers.com

09/03/03 Kathleen Cushnie (K.Cushnie@bigfoot.com)
Comments: Hi Alicia!!!

08/26/03 Alicia (afcushnie@yahoo.co.uk)
Comments: Hi Auntie Katie!

08/24/03 Kathleen Cushnie (K.Cushnie@bigfoot.com)
Comments: Hi Just so you all can piece together a branch of the Cushnie family Joan Cushnie is one of my older sisters. We are aunties to Elliott and Alica. I keep checking this guestbook. If you look sign the book! Take care, Kay

08/16/03 ruth ward a.k.a angie (ruth_ward_2000@yahoo.com)
Comments: It has been a while since i have heard from any of my Cushnie family. I will be graduating in Decemeber of this year from Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View Texas. I will appreciate if my family could join me in celebrating this event. The graduation service will take place on Decemeber 13, 2003. I will keep you all posted of the event. Do take care. Angie

08/08/03 Joan Cushnie (joan_cushnie@hotmail.com)
Comments: Hi Just had a look at the pictures - the last two grave stones Cecil E Cushnie & Cathleen Cushnie are my grandparents

08/07/03 Peter Cushnie (peter.cushnie@virgin.net)
Comments: My name is Peter Cushnie and I am the eldest son of Frederick John Cushnie (1903-1988). I was born and grew up in London, during WW2. I have a brother John and a sister Margaret, also from London were they still live with theie Family's. Doreen, my wife of 45years, are both retired and live in Bedford, about 60miles north of London, just off of the main M1 Motorway at junction 13. We have four children (2Girls and 2Boys) and we have 6Grand children. We would be pleased to hear,and communicate with any Cushnie, anywhere. Our kindest regards. Peter and Doreen.

08/01/03 Jas Evans (jazz1659@bellsouth.net)
Comments: I am Jacinth Nelson Evans, granddaughter of Evelyn Cushnie Jackson(deceased 2/77)Daughter of Gerald(deceased 8/7/96) & Carmen Nelson. I reside in West Palm Beach, Florida with my husband George, and two sons, Audley & Allan. Stacey Simon Reeves intorduced me to this website(thank you). This is a wonderful opportunity to hear about long lost relatives. Greetings to all. May the Grace of God be with you all. Love-Peace & Happines.

07/28/03 Peter Cushnie (peter.cushnie@virgin.net)
Comments: Good evening Cushnie's everywhere. We came upon this web site by accident. I would be interesting to make contact with anyone who can spare the time to chat via the net. Wonderful thing this internet. Come on give me a shout. Look forward to hearing from you. All emails will be answered. Kindest regards. Peter and Doreen Cushnie. Bedford UK

07/28/03 John Stanley Cushnie (johncushnie@j3101.freeserve.co.uk)
Comments: Hello all Cushnie's. I am John Cushnie the younger son of Frederick John Cushnie and Winifred Doris Cushnie now sadly departed, and I live in West Ewell near Epsom Surrey (UK). My elder brother is Peter Frederick James Cushnie and he lives with his wife in Bedford. Bedfordshire. (UK). My brother has 4 children Carol, Graham, Raymond and Sarah and I have 2 Sons, Gary John and Richard Iain. Our cousin David Cushnie lives in Andover Hampshire (UK), and has been writing the history of the Cushnie family from our side of the family, for many years now and it is a very interesting draft of a book he jhopes to publish one of these days. David has done an enormous amount of research on this. I would appreciate contact with anyone in the Cushnie family who have knowledge of George Barns Cushnie which I could pass onto my cousin David. Thank you. John Stanley Cushnie.

07/22/03 Lissi (afcushnie@yahoo.co.uk)
Comments: How come nobody emails me anymore! Megan,Tashan,Michael,George,Claire now that is a lot of people! Could I please find out information about stacey and family because I saw Staceys picture and she was pretty! This is the 22nd of July and when I check on the 30th,I should see some!

06/29/03 RUTH (RUTH_WARD_2000)

06/15/03 antoinette m. scott (ascott@ec,rr,com)
Comments: i am Lorraine Gaskin's daughter and the sister of joann Gaither i have 5 children and live in jacksonville n.c. HELLO FAMILY

06/02/03 Alicia/Lissi Cushnie (afcushnie@yahoo.co.uk)
Comments: Hello everyone! Expecially my Auntie Katie! I have seen her message about the family reunion in Scottland. Is there going to be one? If so, when is it? It is Goerge's Birhtday on Thursday, have you heard? Look at the Events. Someone should add the Family reunion to the events if there is one. Molly, Megan,Clare,Nathan and George have emailed me and they are all very nice. My mum hopes to meet some of you who live in England. Bye for now From Lissi.XxX

06/01/03 Kathleen Cushnie (K.Cushnie@bigfoot.com)
Comments: Hi all, I'm Elliott and Alicia's auntie. I've emailed Molly on a few occasions. (Molly sorry for not emailing recently, I've been quite busy. I had a baby boy last November!) My grandfather was CECIL EMANUEL CUSHNIE and my grandmother CATHLEEN ADASSA ROBINSON CUSHNIE. The photos of their graves are on the site. They had three sons, Ambrose, Edward and Thomas. I'm one of the youngest daughter of Thomas' five children. Uncle Ambrose lives in Above Rocks, Jamaica, Uncle Eddie lives in Florida, U.S. and, my dad Thomas moved to London. He sadly died 20 years ago. We all still live in London and we're looking forward to the big reunion in Scotland. Is there any updates about this????? Love to all, Kay

05/28/03 Claire S Cushnie (gccushnie@aol.com)
Comments: This is change of address for Claire S Cushnie,wife of George C Cushnie Sr

05/28/03 George C Cushnie Sr (gccushnie@aol.com)
Comments: Please note this is a change of address for George C Cushnie Sr

05/21/03 Elliott Cushnie! (mastercushnie@hotmail.com)
Comments: Are we really all family? Im Alicias older brother Molly, she old me that she mails you so I thought I would make myself known to the elite cushnie people. Peace p.s What origin are you Molly because your children are mixed?

05/17/03 Megan Cushnie (koolkat33caca@yahoo.ca)
Comments: This is so cool! I can learn more about our family's history!! And I'm olny 11>

05/06/03 Claire Cushnie (biggeorge@peoplepc)
Comments: I am always looking for new coments and letters on the website. I delight getting to know more about oour family and hearing from them.

04/29/03 ruth-anne ward (ruth_ward_2000@yahoo.com)
Comments: It is a beautiful web site and I am happy that I can get some history about my family.

04/29/03 Molly (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Does anyone know who were William Cushnie's parents? William Cushnie married Frances. They had seven children. Elizabeth born (b) 21.5.1849; Rosalie b. 31.5.1853; Catherine b. 27.5.1855; George William b. 27.3.1859 who married Olivia; James Joseph b. 22.4.1861 who married Christiana Neita, 8.7.1884; Francis Samuel b. 22.6.1863, and Thomas Samuel b. 9.8.1869. The three ladies, Elizabeth, Rosalie, and Catherine married names were Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Creary, and Mrs. Rainford. (I am not sure which of the ladies married who). However, if anyone has information on William Cushnie's parents, please respond directly to me. William was from Above Rocks, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Thanks.

04/29/03 Marcia Ward (marward@hotmail.com)
Comments: I am Nathlin Cushnie's daughter and my grandfather is Lionel Cushnie (deceased). I reside in Jamaica and is presently married, my husband name is Basil and I have a daughter Ruth-Anne Ward and a son Rayon Ward. One of my aunts, Eulalee Cushnie Simon's (deceased) objective was to get to know the family; although I met some of the family on such a sad occasion ie. at her funeral, I think she really achieved that goal. I am really looking forward to keep in contact with you all. Love, Happiness and God's richest blessings. I can also be emailed at mward@udcja.com

04/29/03 Marcia Ward (marward@hotmail.com)
Comments: 04/29/03 I am Nathlin Cushnie's daughter and my grandfather is Lionel Cushnie (deceased). I reside in Jamaica and is presently married, my husband name is Basil and I have a daughter Ruth-Anne Ward and a son Rayon Ward. One of my aunts, Eulalee Cushnie Simon's (deceased) objective was to get to know the family; although I met some of the family on such a sad occasion ie. at her funeral, I think she really achieved that goal. I am really looking forward to keep in contact with you all. Love, Happiness and God's richest blessings. I can also be emailed at mward@udcja.com

04/29/03 Ian Miller (millerir@yahoo.com)
Comments: I am Nathlin Cushnie's Son. I have a daughter Lian and Wife Kay. We live in Burlington, ON, Canada. Didn;t realise how large the family was until recently at Aunt Lee's funeral in NY.

Comments: Hi, I didn't realise there were so many of us My sister Ann and I are the children of James Wilson Martin and Evelyn Leybourne. My wife Christine and I have 3 sons Andrew David and james It's strange how the names have carried on thru the years.

04/27/03 Alicia Cushnie (afcushnie@yahoo.co.uk)
Comments: Hello everyone. I have been mailed by molly and george. COME ON!! I want more! ( I am not saying this in a rude way)! i really like the website because i can get to see my family. Its cool ain't it. Anyway, gotta go! P.S Please email me someone!!!

04/27/03 KymYvette M. Jackson (kymyvett@optonline.net)
Comments: Hello All Cushnies!! I am the Grand-daughter of Enos James Cushnie and Annie Mattis Cushnie, my mother is Myrtle Maud Cushnie Jackson from Piscataway, NJ, USA. My grandfather is the brother of Constance, Vasil, Lionel, Leopole, Dorritt, Eveline, Din, George Cushnie from Above Rocks and/or Kingston, Jamaica. My mother's siblings are George Enos Cushnie (deceased/Mortician/East Orange,NJ)and Doris Cushnie Collins (St. Petersburg, FL). I wish to extend my family's condolences to Stacy and the other Cushnies who are grieving the lost of Eulalee. I wish to thank all of the family members who welcomed this "lost Cushnie family member" back into the fold. I learned that Eulalee was a "great organizer," who tried to keep family in touch and supported. As a retired member of the United States Navy after twenty years of service, I had traveled the world to maintain peace and good health, but I always longed for the sense of family. Well, I was reunited with family members I had not seen since my childhood, and learned of new ones! I am so happy because I could finally talk to my 83 year old mother about her family, because I had names! Now I am trying to learn more! I am trying to compile a history about the above family members. I have learned that their parents name was Christina and James Cushnie. Family was able to provide short brief info of family tree from my Pop-pop's siblings, but I am looking for more! I am trying to locate information about the migration of Enos James Cushnie for Jamaica to Montreal, Canada. Apparently he brought my Nana'a sewing machine to her, she worked for a family in Canada. They lived in East Orange on 172 William St. He worked as a superintendent. They lived on Princeton Street and 71 Hollywood Avenue in East Orange. I would appreciate any information and photos, (especially childhood). I am obtaining information from my Mother and Aunt, so that our history can be preserved for my 16 year old daughter, Stephanie and future generations of Cushnie. I am working on a family tree for my grandfather's descendants. I obtained information from family in April 2003. Please email me with any input. Please Make email subject line: CUSHNIE FAMILY TREE. Thank you!

04/24/03 Claire Stavrum Cushnie (cushnie@peoplepc.com)
Comments: Hi all Cushnies. This site was created for my husband, George and I by our son, George C. Cushnie, Jr. and his family. We live on Big Pine Key, Florida in winter, and will be leaving Apr. 27th for our home in Avalon, New Jersey, where we spend the summer. We love this wonderful website! It is exciting to read about other Cushnies in various places around the world.

04/20/03 Leif Rivera (leifrivera@hotmail.com)
Comments: It was a TRUE pleasure to finally meet the long lost cousin who put a "piece in the stained glass window" for our families' history. It was so nice to see all of my extended family under such circumstances. Auntie Eulalee will surely be missed by all. She's in a better place now. Thank you Molly, I'll be in touch soon...Peace to all

04/11/03 George Nathan Cushnie (cushnien@executiveboard.com)
Comments: Hello from London! I am the son of Leslie and George Cushnie (designers of website). I have recently relocated from DC to London--am working for an American based consulting group, the Corporate Executive Board. I'm loving London, but miss my family. Looking forward to meeting more Cushnie's and happy to see so many visit the site. Best wishes to all. Cheers! Nathan

04/11/03 Alicia Cushnie (afcushnie@yahoo.co.uk)

04/09/03 Raymond St.Jacques Cushnie (raymond@arcad.on.ca)
Comments: I am looking forward to discovering the connection between my Family and yours! We live in Ontario, Canada and we've emigrated from Jamaica.

02/25/03 Heather Forbes Cushnie (hcushnie@msn.com)
Comments: I just wanted to say hello from one Cushnie to another!!

01/28/03 Archie Lumsden, Sennachie of the family of Lumsden (archie@alumsden.freeserve.co.uk)
Comments: Nice to see your website and some of the faces. Greetings from the Family of Lumsden

01/27/03 George & Carolyn Pollin (gpollin@cox.net)
Comments: Carolyn and I are the proud parents of Leslie Pollin Cushnie. Leslie and George Cushnie are the designers of this wonderful web site. We, of course, know George's parents, George and Clair, and forward to getting to meet more members of the Cushnie clan.

01/24/03 John Cushnie (john@dallambarn.freeserve.co.uk)
Comments: Hi from the UK :-) I'm John Cushnie, my father was Malcolm Cushnie, twin of Donald Cushnie (Bradford) and we all used to live in Blackpool. We now live in Cumbria, UK, near the Lake District and Alec and Hilary Cushnie in Ulveston. Some family pictures can be seem at the following link:http://www.comp.lancs.ac.uk/computing/users/cushniej/jc_family.html Please email me for more UK photos and details/history for the webpages. I visited the Cushnies in Hamilton in 1992, over 10 years ago ! We been to Cushnie in Scotland several times, but never met anyone to talk too :( All the best. John Cushnie. email: john@dallambarn.freeserve.co.uk cushnie@csi.com

01/05/03 Dianne Russell (jameriqueen@jamaicans.com)
Comments: Just re-visiting to wish you and your lovely family a happy and healthy New Year! When are you returning to Jamaica? Our families are so similar, such an amalgam of people! I am going back to Negril in April and again for a long visit in June-August.

01/03/03 David Cushnie (davidcushnie@hotmail.com)
Comments: Hello from Canada!! I am 31 years old, the son of Richard Cushnie. My late grandfathers name is Roy Cushnie. We are from the Winnipeg, Manitoba area. Great to see that there are fellow Cushnie's around. There are very few of us in the area. Cheers! David

12/31/02 M.G.Cushnie (mlearjetcushnie@yahoo.com)
Comments: 2003 is here, and it is my wish that EVERYONE will see the "desires" of their hearts come true/ manifested...Life is for the living, so live life, and enjoy ALL your labours... "HIS- KINGDOM COME IN YOU" M.G.Cushnie.

12/26/02 Bev Cushnie Richard (bevr@peoplepc.com)
Comments: Hello everyone and Happy New Year! My son Josh is getting married on Saturday (12-28-02 - - one day after my parents 55th wedding anniversary - George and Claire Cushnie)

12/15/02 Gord & Lisa Cushnie (glc@vaxxine.com)
Comments: Great website! It's great to see that there are so many of us around the world. We are from Canada and would love to find out more about the family history.

11/27/02 jayne eggett (nee cushnie) (jayneeggett@hotmail.com)
Comments: This is brilliant. How come I havent found ths site earlier...Anyone please feel free to email me, will be great to hear from anyone.

11/12/02 Mikey "M.G" (mlearjetcushnie@yahoo.com)
Comments: Calling All Cushnies...come in ...over I send a big God Bless You all to where ever ya'al are today! Feel special to be a CUSHNIE. Walk in the Light all. Love, mikey (Texas)

11/04/02 Gary O'Boyle (comet@paradise.net.nz)
Comments: Greetings from New Zealand.My grandmotherwas Catherine Cushnie,born1913 Dundee .She had a brother Alexander.Her father was Alexander and her mother was Jean Stewart.Are any of you related?

11/03/02 barry,pam/daniel/stacey/darren. (pn1342.freeserve.co.uk)
Comments: 04/11/02 barry, son of june & ron love seeing all the family photo,s and i well be visiting it for more up date,s. keep the website going. liveing in englaed,london tottenham.

11/01/02 Lee Cushnie (Leepauljemmia@aol.com)
Comments: It's a pleasure to know that there are so many other Cushnie's all over the world. My dad is George Z Cushnie,(was born April 22, 1916)and is currently living in Jamaica. I am residing in North Palm Beach, Florida.

10/30/02 Dr. Leif Augustus Rivera (leifrivera@hotmail.com)
Comments: Leif A. Rivera, son of Leo Rivera, son of Dorritt Cushnie from Kingston Jamaica and Inez Rivera from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. I reside in Brunswick, GA (US Army) A stellar performance on the website! Truly well done. It's nice to see the representation of culture and diversity in our family. We are a shining example of multi-cultural unity. Let's all try our best to make it to the next reunion, I'd love to meet my extended family and not have to call them "extended" anymore. Peace...>

10/29/02 Miles Walker (jacquinmiles@aol.com)
Comments: My mother is Esmie V. Walker nee Cushnie. Many of her close family members resided in Above Rocks and Golden River, Jamaica. I reside in Coconut Creek, Florida.

10/20/02 Dianne Russell (jameriqueen@jamaicans.com)
Comments: Just returning your visit to my website at http://jameriqueen.20megsfree.com. This is a lovely site. I hope I can find out more information about my family in Jamaica, Wales, Scotland, Canada, Nicaragua, and elsewhere.

10/09/02 Linda Esty (lesty@thestar.ca)
Comments: My mother is Esmie Walker nee Cushnie. She is 88, born in Jamaica and currently living in Toronto, Canada. I reside in Richmond Hill, Ontario,Canada. Birthplace Kingston, Jamaica

10/08/02 Barbara Minnerly Cornell (barbmcornell@netscape.net)
Comments: My mother was Sarah Charlotte Cushnie Minnerly. I'm delighted to see such a warm friendly website for the family! Barbara

09/19/02 Claire Cushnie (biggeorge@caiweb.com)
Comments: I really enjoy the comments from the children of our Cushnie family. This is a wonderful way to get to know one another.

09/15/02 Prema Shaw (prima13.dona@aol.com)
Comments: I am 12yrs.11mos.old. I enjoyed celebrating with all my Cushnie family at great grand mummy 83th Birthday gathering. Hope to see you soon. God bless my family

09/15/02 Theresa( molly's granddaughter) (Nenarican@yahoo,com)
Comments: I think that this web site is very special because I've never seen a site about family and the good times.

08/15/02 Molly (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Bev., Happy birthday to you. Have a wonderful day on the 18th! Much Love, Molly

08/04/02 Tashan Cushnie (Tcushnie)
Comments: I never knew our family had spread so far across the world.I hope we ALL manage to meet one day

08/01/02 devon cushnie (dacushnie@hotmail.com)
Comments: Splendid workmanship! Now, where will this sense of 'Oneness' lead to next, and I do not mean a geographical location?

08/01/02 Hyacinth Sweeney-Dixon (sweeneydixon@btopenworld.com)
Comments: This is s great site, it makes me want to do a similar thing for my faimly. Keep up the good work.

07/29/02 Lintz Rivera (Queenieyenta@aol.com)
Comments: The website is awesome. I can't wait to show my students how connected we all are, and in particular our family. I will definately be attending the next family reunion.

07/25/02 George Cushnie Jr. (george@caiweb.com)
Comments: A Calendar of Events has been added to the Communications page of www.cushnie.org (see http://www.cushnie.org/coemain.cfm). Anyone can add or edit an event. Use this calendar to enter birthdays, anniversaries, gatherings, or whatever you want. The event will disappear from the calendar automatically when the "thru" date arrives. To add an event, click on [Add an Event]. Then fill out the form. Be certain to enter the start and end dates in the requested format (MM-DD-YY). In the bottom box of the form, you can add as much information as you want. Enter the text in html, if you know how. Let me know if you need any assistance. Each "event" is automatically assigned a number (shows up in calendar under the event name). If you want to edit an event, click on [Edit an Event] and enter the number of the event you want to edit. I hope this becomes an active feature of our web site. More later.

07/16/02 Precious (mh896@columbia.edu)
Comments: This is a really great idea. Barbara Cushnie Brown I seem to have missed you in the pictures. Why were you hiding? Xavier looks quite handsome.

07/12/02 Claire S. Cushnie (cushnie@peoplepc.com)
Comments: Do all Cushnies know that Molly Cushnie Shaw is now visiting Jamaica to research more of the Cushnie history on that beautiful Island where she originally came from. Molly was one of the planners of the Jamaica Reunion August 2002. Now she is thinking of a reunion in Scotland for summer 2003. It sounds wonderful and Molly is an experienced planner and always does a great job. George and I hope that we can make that trip!

07/12/02 George Cushnie Jr. (george@caiweb.com)
Comments: Wilfred and others. Please email me any information you want to share. I'll figure out a way of posting it on the Cushnie web site. Thanks!

07/11/02 Wilfred Alexander Cushnie (dawnstevens@telus.net)
Comments: Wonderful website, and thank you for putting this together. I found lots of Cushnie family when I did a search for my father's family, and none appear to be on here. I did know that there were relatives in Jamaica, but not so many! There are lots of us here in Canada. We would love to add more information to the Canadian portion of the website if you would like.

07/10/02 Lynn & Ed Cushnie (ecushnie@computan.on.ca)
Comments: Hi everyone! This is great. If any of you are planning to visit Canada, in the Niagara Falls, Ontario area, please let us know and we can arrange to meet. Would like to hear from any of our relatives. Lynn & Ed

07/03/02 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Comments I have heard about this site include "impressive," "wonderful," "beautiful," "great." It is all these things and more. Thank you, George, Jnr., Les and Bev. Its wonderful. We are thinking of a Reunion trip to Scotland next year. Anyone interested? Please let me know. Blessings, Molly

07/02/02 George and Claire Cushnie (cushnie@peoplepc.com)
Comments: To: George, Jr. and Les, We can't thank you enough for this wonderful and beautiful site. We read it everyday. You have given a gift to all Cushnies, not just your parents. We love you---now the whole family knows how much we do!

07/02/02 George and Leslie (Virginia) (George@caiweb.com)
Comments: Thank you all for the wonderful messages. It is great hearing from family members and friends that too k part in the Jamaica Pilgrimage. It is also exciting to see new names! We will add those to the directory. Leslie and I are in the process of moving to a new home. As such, it will be a few weeks before we can make changes. In the meantime, please continue to post your messages here in the guest book. Based on how people use Cushnie.org, we may try some other methods of communicating. Any ideas you provide are very welcome. We want this site to reflect a collective family effort. One idea is to have a feature similar to this guest book, but use it for special intentions. For example, you may ask us all to pray for an ill family member or someone who is out of work. Another thought is to include both living and deceased family members in the directory (http://www.cushnie.org/directory.html). Then, we would add a family search capability to locate living, deceased, or both. The calendar of events (not yet finished) will allow family and friends to post upcoming events and special days such as get-togethers, anniversaries and birthdays. We hope to work on some of these items before the end of July (after our move). In the meantime, please pray for our sanity!

07/01/02 Patricia [Cushnie} Masney (pmasney@go.com)
Comments: This is really great and I am so excited to see a family website posted. When Mary e-mailed me I was so curious that I immediately came here to see. Yes I will be back.

07/01/02 Mary Mansour (Cushnie) (cavernofdreams@execulink.com)
Comments: What a wonderful thing this is. I shall pass this web site on to all my cousins here in Canada. I have been in touch with Molly, by a quirk of fate, and now, all this - I shall dig up some pics of us up here & forward them to Molly to post on the site - wonderful job to those who worked so hard to put this together - looking forward to meeting many of you one day!

07/01/02 Colin & Carole Cushnie (Cushniec@aol.com)
Comments: We were so happy to have been a part of the reunion in Jamaica. We hope to be able to have more time with the family in the future at other reunions.

06/30/02 Joy Cushnie Stephens (jamjoy66@hotmail.com)
Comments: Let me expand my comment. George and Leslie. You both have done a beautiful job. Any news about the planned trip to Scotland?

06/30/02 Joy Cushnie Stephens (jamjoy66@hotmail.com)
Comments: What a beautiful effort, nice philosophy The pictures brought back great memories. George, you said that you would do the website and the result is great.

06/28/02 Lisa (Cushnie) Richards- (san Diego Ca.)

06/28/02 Sydney (Cushnie) Richards (Germany)

06/28/02 Olive M.(Cushnie) Richards (Los Angeles)

06/28/02 Tracey Cushnie (San Diego)

06/28/02 Fay Cushnie (New York)

06/28/02 Patricia (Effie) Cushnie (New York)

06/28/02 Evon ( Cushnie) Porter (as above)

06/28/02 Patrick ( Cushnie ) Vassell (As above)

06/28/02 Olga B. Cushnie-Porter Woodside, Above Rocks Jamai (Correction.. forgot the Porter in prev. entry)

06/28/02 Rita Maria Cushnie-Richards San Diego, California (As Above)

06/28/02 Lisa M. Cushnie- Sr. Mary Caritas, F.M.S. Stella M (See M.T.V.above)

06/28/02 Thomas William Cushnie San Diego, California (See Marjorie T.V.)

06/28/02 Olga B. Cushnie Above Rocks Jamaica (marjorievasell@hotmail.com)

06/28/02 Marjorie T.(Cushnie) Vassell Kingston, Jamaica. (marjorievassell@hotmail.com)
Comments: Great!

06/28/02 Marjorie T. Cushnie- Vassell Kingston, Jamaica (Marjorievassell @hotmail.com)

06/27/02 Janet Morris( Cushnie) (janmorris@onetel.net.uk)
Comments: George thank you for the hard work you and your dear wife Leslie has put in to make this website so impressive.Well done! We will have to get chickenfoot in later on. George this matchless gift of love to your parents will hopefully be a reminder to us of what family life is all about.

06/27/02 Janet Morris ( Cushnie) (janmorris@onetel.net.uk)
Comments: Hi everybody, Hope you are all doing well,what a wonderful job George and Leslie have done of the website.It is absolutely brilliant.

06/27/02 Maria Cushnie-Wilson (wlsnsmth@aol.com)
Comments: Hi All: I'm Brenda Cushnie's sister. This site is wonderful! Thanks Molly for telling me about it. Job well done. Regards, Maria

06/26/02 George Cushnie Sr. (biggeorge2CAIWEB.COM)
Comments: IT IS GREAT THAT PEOPLE ARE SIGNING OUR GUESTBOOK.howabout you send some pictures,so every one will feel a little closer.

06/25/02 Cushnie,M.G (mlearjetcushnie@yahoo.com)
Comments: George,nice one, mate! I wondered,has anyone ever seen in the Manual of GOD; where in Genesis 10'th chap. the mention of Cush - - -.The last son of Ham.I noticed this years ago. I am so pleased the link is now being established.Recently I discovered my uncle and cousins in Atlanta by chance,wow! There is a connection taking place my people. Love, michael.

06/24/02 Shamonica Shaw (www.Aleeka91@hotmail.com)
Comments: I am 11 yrs old. I wish I could have made it. Love Peace and joy, Shamonica S.

06/23/02 Barbara Cushnie-Brown (bbbrown@n5.com.jm)
Comments: WOW!.....Very Interesting and Informative Will spread the word about the site and will continue to visit. Good Job!

06/21/02 stacey reeves (sreeves@nycboe.net)
Comments: great site. all of the co-workers on my job here at the new york city board of education loved the idea. thanks for putting it together.

06/17/02 George C. Cushnie, Sr. (cushnie@peoplepc.com)
Comments: George and Claire would love to hear from all Cushnies

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