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Cushnie Family History

In this section of the web site we will publish historical information contributed by family members and friends. Charlotte Cushnie Minnerly of Hammondsport, NY, wrote the initial article below. The family tree, also below, is based on a hand drawn diagram made by Aunt Charlotte. I've made some minor updates. Please email information that you would like to publish here to George Cushnie (George@caiweb.com).

The Cushnie family history written by Charlotte Cushnie Minnerly, Hammondsport, NY (deceased December 1995).

Early History

Modern History

Partial Family Tree
by George C. Cushnie Jr. (based on Aunt Charlotte's diagram)

The Cushnie Hotel, an article published in the Jefferson College Times, Jefferson College Historical Society, Vol. XXII, No. 2, May 1989.

Cushnie Genealogy by James Ralston Cushnie