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01/02/13 STEPHANIE O'DANIEL (Stefaniodaniel@aol.com)
Comments: Happy New Year family. Richard (Rick) O'Daniel, my husband's brother died New Year's eve

12/26/12 donna cushnie (cushnie958@btinternet.com)

11/28/12 Robert Rennalls (bobrennalls@aol.com)
Comments: I am trying to trace my late grandmothers roots. She died in Sept 1915. SHEWAS ROSE EMMA dAVIDSON

11/12/12 Wilfred Alexander Cushnie (wilf.cushnie@shaw.ca)
Comments: Just a little note to all you Cushnies out there and to all you "friends of Cushnies" too. I am still alive and well and living in West Vancouver Canada. You can send me a cheque anytime you wish and I primise to cash it just as quick as I can .... Thank you ..!! The bigger the better. As for the rest ... Well, I have re-married after the death of my wife Paola (Coacci) Cushnie on February 26, 1996 and now to Charlotte Taylor - adopted to Jack Secord of Oakville/Ancaster Ontario. Charlotte and I were married about 5 years ago.... While she has no children I have Richard Beaumont Alexander my son and now his two daughters Rowan and Marlow ... and no boys yet .... and I have a daughter Elizabeth Leticia who is now married to Mark Forsythe of Mission, British Columbia. They have no children yet and likely may not have as Mark has some children from a previous marriage .... I am now in my 62nd year ... born May 2, 1950 and contemplating retirement ... thus the desire to obtain as many cheques as possible from friends, relatives and just about anyone who has a bit of spare cash.... I will not hold my breath in waiting ...mmm My father Alexander and my mother still live in Brantford Ontario as does my sister Mary Margaret (Mansour). She has apparently written another book to add to other stuff she does ... and she is always busy ... so you may find her publications by searching Mary Mansour Cushnie next time you hit the bookstore. Charlotte, my wife was adopted by the Secord family in Oakville/Burlington Ontario. Her original name was Taylor but she and her two sisters have not been able to get their family background...a bit secret when you are adopted .... Jack Secord is a direct ancestor of "Laura Secord" who saved the British and Canadian forces at Stoney Creed in the battle of 1812 or thereabouts. She is somewhat famous and well known in Canadian history. Charlotte and her two sisters ... Penny and Susan would like to find out who their real Taylor relatives were but it seems to be way too hard somehow and those relatives would be in Ontario likely and not way out here in British Columbia so it is hard to do the research from way out here .... Anyway, Happy Christmas and new 2012/2013 year to everyone .... Best Regards .... Wilfred A. Cushnie, 1605 - 2020 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver, B. C. Canada, V7V1B8

11/04/12 Josh Cushdie (Thecushionator@gmail.com)
Comments: Hope y'all staying safe in this storm! :)

10/02/12 jccushnie (jccushnie@yahoo.com)

07/30/12 Donna Laing (dlana63@yahoo.com)
Comments: Janet, trying to make contact

07/28/12 Marco Cushnie (marco606setlab@gmail.com)
Comments: Hello everyone, My brother Kimani and I are two new members of the Cushnie family, from the lineage of Marcia Cushnie and my Great Grandfather Mr. Leon Cushnie, Looking forward to meet some of you...

07/14/12 G Richardson (gcsrichardson@gmail.com)
Comments: Hi there, I have a question. Since The Cushnie Family has Scottish roots and lived in St Andrew Jamaica too does anyone know about the Richardson family from St Andrew Jamaica? My grandfather was James Maria Richadson son of a Scot i believe originated from Perth Scotland. I was wondering as there might have been close contact between the Scottish/ Jamaican People? I would be very happy if anyone had some information on this. My father passed away this Year and my search is not leading to anything. My Grandfather James Maria Richardson was married to Mrs. Carey. Emily Matilda Carey née Richardson. They live in St Andrew and I believe it was on Half Way Tree Road. Thank You very much for the Information. Reading this website makes me warm inside. So many Cushnies and all so loving and respectful towards each other. Kind Regards X gina richardson (gcsrichardson@gmail.com)

07/04/12 PETER WATT CUSHNIE (peter.cushnie@btinternet.com)
Comments: Hi I am trying to trace any relatives I may have in the Dundee area. My grandfather Alexander Cushnie was born in Dundee in the early 1900's. His mother was married 4 times - according to family legend! He moved to Aberdeen, married & went on to have 3 children - John, Alexander & Patricia. I have very little to go on in respect of dates - and my father Alexander Jnr is now suffering from advanced Alzheimers Disease - and unable to help me with this family search. If anyone can shed some light on this part of my family, I would be very greatful.

06/19/12 Wilfred Cushnie (wilf.cushnie@shaw.ca)
Comments: Greetings from West Vancouver, Canada. It has been a long time since I have left anything on this site so here is some info. I married Charlotte about four years ago now and we have been living in West Vancouver just by the ocean in an apartment overlooking Stanley Park and the lions Gate Bridge. I am still working at Canada Revenue Agency as an Appraiser and still enjoy the work. Charlotte is artistic, enjoys some painting and collecting fine art, glass and crystal and fine ceramics. We have a nice and growing collection of Japanese porclain figurines, and a fairly large and still growing set of Rossetti Spring Violets dishes made in japan ... but no longer in production so what is out there is all that ever will be available.... We have been taking a few trips to Washington State just south of us and to the Oregon Coast and the interior of Washington State ...looks the like Grand Canyon over there... to the Grand Coulee Dam area on the Columbia river ... that river runs down through the British Columbia Kootenay area ... a mountainous country and valley ... a great river now controlled for enormous irrigation in the USA and Canada.... really something to see ... hundreds of thousands of acres under irrigation from that great river and endless miles of apples and other fine tree fruits ... orchards and ranches etc and a great playground in the lakes and river systems.... So the winter was fine... a bit wet as we get a bit of rain most of the winter down in the lower areas but snow up on the surrounding mountains just north of us... We ski when we can and really enjoy that ... Whistler and Blackcomb are wonderlands for skiers so if you get a chance try them out.... Richard my son has two little girls now ,,,, Rowan and Marlow aged 6 and 4 and Elizabeth my daughter is married too but as yet has no little people of her own. My father Alexander and mother Thelma now live in Brantford Ontario close to my sister Mary Mansour who has beeh writing some books that you might find available under the name Mary Mansour Cushnie ... i believe they are about Vanpires or something ...mmm... anyway, she is busy with her growing family ... and I understand one of her two boys is about to become a father himself.... All my uncles are still living. George my fathers older brother, florence the sister and James and Donald and kenneth.. Age is having more to say about what they do now but that is to be expected. They all still live in Ontario so I do not get to see them very often...So, if you would like to write the best way to catch me is to email and my address is| wilf.cushnie@shaw.ca and phone number or cell is| 604-787-0546. best regards to everyone .... Wilfred and Charlotte Cushnie June 19, 2012.

06/13/12 Paul Dillon (dpauldi@gmail.com)
Comments: Hello, My name is Paul Dillon and I was looking for members of my family. My mother Lucille Cushnie-Curtis has a sister by the name of Nadia Cushnie, and I saw her name on this website. I was wondering if this Nadia is the same Nadia that is my aunt. You may contact me either way at dpauldi@gmail.com thanks

06/04/12 Stephanie O'Daniel (stephaniodaniel@gmail.com)
Comments: Hi family and greetings to Steven Baker regarding a reunion in Washington, PA. Steven, anyone in the family can plan and host a family reunion anywhere they decide to have one. Get creative, find a site, a town, a country, a state, and get busy planning it and send out invitations. If its done early enough, it gives relatives time to plan around their usual summer activities. So, good luck, looking forward to seeing an invite to Wasington, Pennsylvania or any place else you might decided to host one.

06/01/12 Falsome Harris (Cushnie) (cfharris@shaw.ca)

05/28/12 Jennifer Cushnie Chin-Young (chinyoungjennifer@yahoo.com)
Comments: This is to alert you!! My yahoo email account has been hacked into yet again. A friend forwarded a mail to me which she received this morning. The request is a lie! I am not asking anyone for any money! Do not respond!!

05/05/12 Jennifer Cushnie Chin-Young (chinyoungjennifer@yahoo.com)
Comments: Please accept my sincere condolence and that of my sister Angie, our husbands and children. Sister Tiny was very dear to me. I have fond memories of her from my early days spending summers in Cross Keys, and later in New York. We had fun going to her favourite shopping areas on Utica Avenue, among other places. I had to try very hard to keep up with her. She was so energetic! I cannot recall ever hearing her complain of even a head ache. She was truly blessed with good health. She was a firm, yet very gentle and kind person. I loved her dearly. We are grieving now, but we can be comforted with the knowledge that our aunt, mom, grandmother and friend is with our Lord. My sincere love and God's richest blessings to the rest of the family. Your cousin. Jennifer

04/26/12 lisa (lisacushnie@gmail.comt)

04/26/12 Eleanor P . Hill (hillbeartoo@aol.com)
Comments: Greeting to all just wanted to shair some good news God has bless me with a new greatgrand son.Gods blessing to all

04/23/12 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Happy Third Wedding Anniversary to Lintz and Terry Adams on April 23, 2012. I can't believe its three years already. I believe for the third anniversary you should get gifts of leather? O.K. Lintz, here is your opportunity to get dressed up in leather, with leather castanets so you can do the Spanish Dance of Joy. If you don't know a Spanish Dance of Joy - improvise. Sent with much Joy and Laughter. Love you both. Molly

04/23/12 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Happy Third Anniversary to Lintz and Terry Adams. I can't believe three years have gone by already. I believe for the third Anniversary, you should get gifts of leather? O.K. Lintz, this is a great opportunity for you to get dressed up in your leather, with leather castanets snd do a Spanish dance of joy for Terry. If you don't know a Spanish dance of joy - improvise. Hey, its your anniversary. Sent with much Love and Laughter. Molly

04/12/12 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: Congratulations to Leif and Martina Rivera on your anniversary on April 15, 2012. May the past happy memories be a prelude to future memories. Happy Anniversary.

04/08/12 janice Cushnie Hilsman (janicehilsman@me.com)
Comments: Our dear Aunt, Mother, Sister Lillian (Sister Tiny) Cushnie passed away on Thurs. March 29th in Atlanta, Georgia. Sister Tiny Cushnie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late October and the doctors gave her 6 months to a year to live. She fought a good fight want went home to be with her Lord at 95 years old. Sis. Tiny Cushnie, was wife of Henry Cushnie of Cross Keys, Manchester. Funeral Arrangements, 2 planned. One memorial service was held in ATL, Sat. 4/7. A second - Funeral Service in NYC Friday, April 13th, 2012. Calvary Community Church, 1575 St. Johns Place (corner Buffalo Ave). Brooklyn, NY 11213. (718) 483-9320. Viewing: 5 to 7 p.m. Service: 7 to 9p.m. Interment Saturday morning at 8 a.m. - procession leaves church to Rosehill Cemetary. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the church's building fund. Posted on behalf of her son, David Cushnie - andan(email:simbrit13@bellsouth.net)

03/23/12 sedonie cushnie (raysmotorsport@live.com)
Comments: i am sedonie the last child for lloyd cushnie. i would like to know all about the different family members that i have and dont know. i hope to meet you all one day.

02/23/12 DennisandDasnethRichardson (dasnethrichardson@yahoo.com)
Comments: Greetings to the Cushnie Family. We have not been in touch for a long time. We had a reunion years ago in St. Thomas, Jamaica. All the best for 20012.

01/01/12 Molly Cushnie (mcushnie8@yahoo.com)
Comments: "Big George" was such a lovely, lovely person. We are so glad to have had him in our lives. I have a memory of several of the Cushnies hanging on to both his arms as we all walked towards the lake to take a photograph at the family reunion last August. He will lovingly remembered by many. We are keeping his immediate family in our thoughts and prayers. Much Love to you all. Molly

12/28/11 Jo Gaither (jogaither@live.com)
Comments: I am so sorry to hear about Big George. He was loved by many. I was so happy to have him in my life, even if for a short time. My prays are with Clair and the family.

12/28/11 Janet Morris (jarcush@yahoo.ca)
Comments: Family= (F)ather (A)nd (M)other (I) (L)love (Y)ou.This website given by George Jnr to his Mum and Dad is one of the greatest gifts ever given.May his soul RIP as we the Cushnie family globally share the happy memories in celebrating his life.God takes the best and so we let him go.Blessings always to extended families and friends.

12/26/11 George Cushnie Jr. (george@caiweb.com)
Comments: I am sorry to report that George C Cushnie Sr. passed away on Christmas day. He was 88. Dad had a stroke on Friday. He was very active right up until the stroke; having attended a coffee social. We should all be so lucky. We established this website for Dad and Mom in 2002. Mom and Dad always enjoyed hearing from family. Mom is doing well, considering her loss. God bless all the Cushnies and our extended family.

12/22/11 Janice M. Cushnie Hilsman (Janicehilsman@me.com)
Comments: Merry Christmas to my family, many blessings and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

12/01/11 Claire Rose Grant-Cushnie (Rosegrant001@comcast.neti)
Comments: Daughter of Joseph & lda Cushnie both deceased.

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