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Molly Cushnie Shaw, an amateur historian and professional Wonderwoman, shared these pictures with us. The pictures are of Molly, her sister (June Cushnie McIntosh), two of June’s children (Jackie and Debbie), grandchildren (Daniel, Stacy and Darien) and daughter-in-law (Pam). The pictures of the grandchildren were taken a number of years apart and show how beautifully they have grown. All the pictures were taken in London by June’s son Barry (unfortunately, no self-portraits). June describes herself as a countrywoman at heart and she is looking forward to returning to her home in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

A current picture of June (sitting), June’s daughters Jackie and Debbie (on left), June’s daughter-in-law Pam (on right) and June’s two grandchildren Stacy and Daniel (Pam and Barry’s children). Jackie and Debbie were born in England, grew up in Jamaica and went to college in New York.

Molly, June, Debbie and Jackie. In February 2001 Molly threw a surprise birthday to celebrate June’s (upside-down) Sweet 16th surprise birthday. The room was decorated in pink and there were 16 candles on the cake. Jackie made the card, which reads "You are finally 16!"

Early picture of Stacy, Daniel, and Darien (Pam and Barry’s children).

Current picture of Daniel (son of Barry and Pam).

Current picture of Darien (son of Barry and Pam).

Current picture of Stacy (daughter of Barry and Pam).